Save at Last! Forminator’s New Save and Continue Feature

Save at Last! Forminator’s New Save and Continue Feature

Allow users to save a partially filled WordPress form as a draft so they can complete it later before submitting it with our Forminator plugin.

Sometimes, form-filling takes time – especially multipage or lengthy forms. With Forminator’s Save and Continue option, users can save a form as a draft and complete a form at a later time via a custom link.

Saving long forms as a draft is now an option for your users!

This highly requested feature is available and easy as ever to implement. You’ll be able to customize your form’s settings to allow draft retention periods, allow drafts of forms sent to an email address, edit messages, and more!

This brief article takes you through all the features and how to implement them.

We’ll cover:

You can begin using this feature immediately, so let’s…

Get Started

The Save as Draft feature can be applied to a new, draft, or published form. To begin, choose a form from Forminator’s Dashboard or create a new one.

If you’re new to Forminator and need a detailed look at creating a form from scratch, be sure to check out our article about How to Get the Most Out of Using Forminator.

List of all of the forms created in Forminator.Pick a previously created form or start a new one from scratch.

If you’d like to add this to a previously created form, simply click the Gear Icon and then Edit.

The gear icon.The Edit button will get you started!

And for a new form, the process will be the same. Once you get your form started, you’ll click Behavior to begin. When you scroll down a bit, you’ll see Save and Continue.

Ready for launch? Click Enable Save and Continue to activate.

Enable save and continue button.One click is all it takes to get started.

When enabled, a dropdown menu will appear with customizable options. There is a Configuration and Permissions area.



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