Securing Your WordPress Site with Defender and The Hub

Securing Your WordPress Site with Defender and The Hub

With Defender and The Hub, securing your site and keeping tabs on any volatile issues is as easy as ever – all in one place!

Any hackers up to no good, malware, or threatening bots, don’t stand a chance against our combined forces. And eliminating any potential problem can be done in a few clicks.

All of this is done in one place: The Hub’s Security panel. You can access it from the main overview in The Hub or the Security tab.

You can also make security adjustments right from the main Hub overview, too.

The Security area gives you a 360-degree look at everything on your site, from Firewall, malware detection, reporting, and more. Plus, from here, you can run all of your security operations with security scans, audits, and instantly handle security recommendations.

With quick accessibility and ease of use, you’ll see how The Hub and Defender are your answer to your site’s security.

We’ll be looking at how to:

  1. Easily Run a Security Scan or Have One Scheduled
  2. Instantly Tweak Security
  3. Set Up Tailored Security Reports Delivered Right to Your Inbox
  4. Get Notified (and delete) Suspicious Files
  5. Set Up Firewall with WAF
  6. Activate Other Security Tools in One-Click

By the time you read through this article, you’ll see how to view, handle, and keep tabs on your security in the most direct way possible.

1. Easily Run a Security Scan or Have One Scheduled

In one-click, Defender will do malware scanning of your WordPress core files for any modifications and unexpected changes. He will scan plugins, themes, and essential features on your site for suspicious code.

You can also have a more hands-off approach to security and schedule scans quickly and effortlessly.

From the Security tab, you’ll see towards the top Security.

Display of the number of security issues and an option to run a scan.Docs, total issues, and scanning are all in one place.

On display, it will show you the total issues. From here, you can also set up a security scan here and run a scan.

We’ll start by running a scan by clicking the Run Scan button.

Once you do this, a display will come up, notifying you of the scan’s progress. You’ll also get a notification when it’s complete if you want to leave this area in The Hub.


This article was written by Nathanael Fakes and originally published on WPMU DEV Blog.

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