19 Security Tools for Protecting Your Apps & Websites

19 Security Tools for Protecting Your Apps & Websites 2022

Security is an ever-emerging topic, with numerous high-profile breaches happening every day. There’s a big reason why new startups focus on security issues, and why so many developers are being cautious about global network security. The FBI, the CIA, and the country wars themselves are testaments to the scale of hacking happening in the world. But it’s not just the big networks that need protection, it’s also your applications and websites that need to be secured, and protected against unauthorized access. Because the web is so huge, it’s hard to keep track of everything happening within your app, to your app, and not to mention your servers. You need help, and we are here for you!

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These amazing startups are here to help you out with your security concerns. The number of platforms that have risen from the ground up in recent years is staggering and flattering. That is because at one point during the web’s upbringing, security was a scarce topic; nobody bothered about it. Websites, communities, and softwares were easily being hacked into. User data were carried to the dark market and sold to the right buyers. Although, that doesn’t mean that this isn’t happening globally; it probably is more than ever, but with greater secrecy. What matters is the overall state of security you provide to your users during any of the development process phases of your software, apps, and websites.

Your job is to ensure that certain layers of security are provided for your users. In the unlikely event of a security breach, the data is hardened and protected to the best ability of modern software. Having the tools to check your logs and other system-related events against attacks can also unveil some unsettling information. But the sooner you get ahead of the hackers, the more pleasant your experience will be as someone who develops for the digital world. We got your back with these amazing startups that have invested their creative power to create tools and applications that will keep your digital projects sound and secure.


The process of developing an application itself is so demanding for developers. Anyone can easily overlook vulnerabilities, without the clear intention of doing it. Even websites like Google, Instagram, and Facebook struggle with vulnerabilities daily. Vulnerabilities exist, sometimes in subtle ways that we won’t notice until someone points it out to us. And that’s sort of what the VAddy platform tries to do.

These security experts are building a product that will work with your codebase and analyze it for any possible vulnerabilities, before you push out your new features out in the production environment. VAddy will automatically scan any new updates that you’re adding to your code. Then, it will give you a fair warning if there’s a possible vulnerability hiding anywhere. No longer you will have to scan your code manually. But the platform goes beyond the



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