A Simple Guide to Marketing for Introverts

A Simple Guide to Marketing for Introverts

In practically every profession, marketing is required, especially if you’re a solopreneur who is singularly responsible for running every aspect of your business. Marketing and sales require you to put yourself and your business out there, find people who may be interested in it and then go deep with them to find out what they like, want, need and will benefit from. You need to interact and engage with other people to do that; you can’t market a business in a bubble. However, when it comes to marketing for introverts, that can all feel threatening.

Being an introvert doesn’t mean you won’t be able to market effectively. Instead, it means that you’ll find a way of attracting and connecting with clients that’s different from how an extrovert approaches those tasks. You’ll discover marketing techniques that feel natural for you and that helps you do more of what you enjoy and excel at.

What you shouldn’t do is try to swim upstream. If you’re constantly pushing against what feels enjoyable or natural to you, it’ll be impossible to make it work. Today, marketing is all about being authentic, helpful and engaging. Clients and customers want to deal with real people. If you’re busy covering up who you are and forcing being an extrovert, even though it’s not natural, people will see that and be turned off.

What is an Introvert? Your First Step to Mastering Marketing for Introverts

An introvert is not someone who dislikes people or who wants to be by themselves all the time. Instead, an introvert is a person who expends energy when around other people and recharges during alone time. By recharging, they can have energy again when it’s time to interact with people. This is in direct opposition to extroverts, who feel drained when they’re alone and get energy from being around others.

Introverts aren’t always shy or socially awkward. And they don’t necessarily dislike marketing. But since marketing can involve a lot of communication with fans, customers or clients, that level of engagement can zap an introvert’s energy and make them less efficient. Marketing also requires a lot of public visibility, and all of that attention can feel draining to an introvert. To be able to deliver what customers want, introverts have to take time away to recharge.

Marketing for Introverts Means Not Comparing Yourself to Extroverts

There’s a lot of noise out there from the world of extroverted marketers. It can be overwhelming to see how many people hustle all day long to market themselves, and if you compare yourself to them, you’ll feel like you’ll never measure up. You’ll assume you won’t be able to compete. Seeing what marketers put out there for the world to see isn’t the full picture, and they may be failing in ways you don’t notice. For everything your competitors are doing, there’s plenty they’re not doing.

Instead, research people in your field who cater to your same audience, and study what they do right and where they go wrong.



This article was written by Lindsay Pietroluongo and originally published on Elegant Themes Blog.

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