New Smush Parallel Processing Compresses Images 3x Faster…For Free!

New Smush Parallel Processing Compresses Images 3x Faster…For Free!

Enjoy the fastest ever image processing times with the latest version of Smush. Spend less time waiting for your images to be optimized with up to 3x more processing speed.

Just when you thought the most popular WordPress image optimizer (currently boasting a 5-star rating and over a million+ active installs) couldn’t get any better… Smush takes it to the next level with version 3.11.

In this article find out just how much time you can save optimizing images with 3x processing speed and see how Smush stacks up against its toughest competitors.

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You’ll realize how much time you can save and why this award-winning plugin is breaking speed records for image optimization.

Let’s get to it!

What’s New In The Latest Version Of Smush

Our hard-working developers are constantly improving Smush. Here’s what’s included in our newest Smush version.

Parallel Processing Speed

As mentioned in the introduction, the processing speed is now better than ever.

Multiple images are processed in parallel, which makes lightning-fast processing speed a reality for your image files.

Before, images were sent to Smush’s API and were processed one at a time. Now, multiple thumbnails (and originals — if enabled) are processed in parallel for multifold improvement in processing speed.

This saves you tons of time. There are no more waiting long periods for images to be processed.

Recovers Gracefully from API Side Issues

Since Smush makes calls to an external service through HTTP requests, there are always possibilities of things failing randomly (e.g. temporary network issue).

We now have a Retry Mechanism that helps recover from any issues without having to show any errors. That means less time you’ll be dealing with failed optimized images.

Before, if a temporary network issue caused the Smush request for one of the image sizes to fail, it also treated all the other sizes as failures.

Now, in Bulk Smush, it’s no longer a problem. With the retry mechanism in place, it prevents all images from failing if there are issues with only one.

With that being said, let’s take a look at…

Smush vs Other Image Optimization Plugins

We wanted to see how Smush’s speed stacked against a couple of the other most popular optimization plugins. So, we decided to give it a go with speed tests.

As you’ll see — testing is easy to implement. We simply set up a few websites, added some images, installed a plugin to each site, and optimized images.

This can all be done for free, and it’s highly recommended that YOU try it out for yourself. We’d love to hear what results you were able to achieve.

Here’s a breakdown of what we did…

Setting Up Testing

To get started, we set up a WordPress site and created a template so that the site was duplicated. We did this instantly with the help of InstaWP.

InstaWP is a quick and easy way to set up a new WordPress site for testing.

InstaWP allows you to set up WordPress sites and templates – at no cost. It streamlines the testing process creating a new site with just a few clicks.

Once the admin of the new WordPress site was created, we added images to the site for free with the Instant Image plugin.

Instant Images uploaded.The Instant Image plugin lives up to its name by delivering images – instantly!

With the Instant Image plugin, you can quickly add images to your site with one click. We went through and added 60 images for testing.

The plugin adds them immediately to your media library.

Since we have the site set up, we want to head back to InstaWP and Save Template to duplicate the site we just created.

We’ll create two more websites based on our original site with 60 images. Why? Because we’ll be testing two other plugins, along with Smush.

The plugins we’re testing are:

We’re using the FREE version of each plugin. There are no upgrades or anything else involved.

Finally, we’ll upload one plugin to each site (e.g. Smush to one, Imagify to another, etc.).

And that’s it! We’re ready for testing.

Oh, well…one more thing. Get a stopwatch ready. We’re going to time each one and see how they match up.

It’s a plugin image compression speed test. Ready…set…GO!

Imagify Speed Test

Imagify header.Imagify is ranked highly as a WordPress optimization plugin.

We’ll kick things off with Imagify. Imagify is a popular image optimization plugin with a 4.5-star rating and over 600K active installs.

We installed Imagify, started our timer, and implemented bulk optimization.

The percentage that Imagify is at.Imagify shows you the percentage of its progress.

As the percentage of optimized images kept increasing, all was going well. But then…uh-oh

Notification of being out of credits.Uh-oh… all of my image optimization credits were used up and I’ve barely begun!

The optimization ground to a halt midway (not even midway) through. The free version didn’t have enough credits to optimize my 60 images. It only was able to get to 45% of them.

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