4 Page to Speech WordPress Plugins

4 Page to Speech WordPress Plugins

In this day and age, plenty of people get their news from YouTube channels and podcasts. In fact, many prefer to listen to articles instead of reading them. Thanks to these 4 page to speech WordPress plugins, you can turn your words into audio:

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ReadAloud: this blog to audio converter lets your visitors listen to your content. It highlights the spoken words in real-time. It has customizable color and speech button.

Voicer: this plugin converts text into human-like speech. It has more than 310 voices and over 45 languages for you to choose from. It uses Google Cloud’s WaveNet speech synthesis technology.

4 Page to Speech WordPress Plugins 1

Speaker: another Google Cloud page to speech WordPress plugin. It supports the Speech Synthesis Markup Language. It is ready for Elementor. This plugin has 7 positions for you to choose form. It has WaveNet and Neural2 voices.

4 Page to Speech WordPress Plugins 2

Text To Speech TTS: this plugin reads out your blog in more than 20 languages. It uses the SpeechSynthesis Web Speed API. You can add a play button anywhere in your posts. You can also customize button color, width and text. It has more than 20 voices for you to choose from.

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