Tips to Become a Freelance Writer, from One Blogger to Another

Guide to Freelance Blogging for WordPress

Writing articles for WordPress on a blog can be a nice way of relaxing, letting go of daily tensions and a good method to control stress, but what about doing it as a work? What if you become a freelance writer?

Being a freelancer is not a garden full of roses but it is an experience that can be very fulfilling both for your income and your sense of accomplishment. Try asking a web designer how nice is to deal with customers, you’ll understand my point. In this guide I will share with you my personal experience, ideas and methods in hopes that it will inspire you to become a freelance writer.

Decide What You Want to Write About

Deciding what you should be writing about can be a tiresome experience if you are not a determined type of person. As a general rule, you should write about what you love the most. Settling for less or simply jumping on a trend is not an option. Writing for a blog professionally is not something that can be achieved with mild interest – you need passion.

People will want to read about your experience, your expertise and your opinions if it comes from a place where you are inspired to do it. Otherwise the articles you write will feel dull and empty. There is far too much content on the net for you to contribute with boring articles. When you write about something, your passion needs to be there.

Don’t Wait for it to Happen

Planning on writing something for a blog? Don’t plan too much or overthink it. When you become a freelance writer creating articles can be a painfully slow process if you schedule too much. Open up an empty page in your favorite editor and start writing. As a general rule, I’ve found it far easier to first focus on the broader idea and then add in main topics/titles. If you have the main topics written, the rest of the article will flow much faster and easier.

Create Your Own Blog & Resume

If you want to attract attention you need to have your own blog up and running. Pick an affordable hosting service to start a blog (one great option is Cloudways which starts at just $10/mo – you checkout my Cloudways review to learn more). After you’ve published enough content, consider creating your own resume online.

Although you can use free services like, I always prefer my own domains. You can make your own resume online with easy tools and in no time. For the domain I suggest simply using your own name. In my case, is more than enough.

Use the Proper Tools

Before we dig in, please note that I work on Windows 10 so the tools recommended are for Windows users. Some are also available on iOS, but you’ll have to check the app store to be sure.

Compiling a resume can be very easy if you use the proper tools. While you could use one of these awesome resume WordPress themes, another great way to start up your own resume is with a free site



This article was written by Alex Vojacek and originally published on WPExplorer.

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