Tips for Promoting Your Content on Reddit –

Tips for Promoting Your Content on Reddit

Reddit grew to be one of the biggest discussion platforms on the internet. Many things changed in the past years. The need for communication remained (and will remain) the same. There are close to one million posts on Reddit daily!

The appreciation of decent textual content differentiates this platform from other social media. People don’t read and write that much nowadays, but somehow Reddit users love to communicate in the textual form even nowadays when low retention content is ruling social media.

All this sums up the vast potential you can use to promote your content on Reddit. What your niche is or how big or small your audience isn’t that important. What matters is how you approach it. This is why I will share some tips for promoting your content on Reddit.

It’s all about community.

Once again, Reddit is the community platform. This vast community is structured in subreddits covering topics ranging from politics and tables to wolves with watermelons. Yes, a whole community is dedicated to photos of wolves with watermelons!

According to this, it’s safe to assume that your content has the portion of space available on Reddit. We will return to this moment, but first, we want you to think about the meaning of community for a second.

An offline or online, formal or informal community is a group of people with the same interests. When you digitalize this, you get platforms like Reddit. Remember that most of these communities have their own rules, visions, and goals.

To promote your content in such communities, you must put genuine effort into becoming a member first. You will follow all of the rules, other members, and moderators. Doing this is just the basics. Providing real value is a whole different story.

Spend time researching

Now that we set some grounds on how the whole thing functions, let’s focus on how to find suitable subreddits for your content. For sure, it’s easy to find huge communities related to your content, but keep in mind that integrating and afterward sharing your content can be a very long process. With this, you need to be creative.

While you are waiting to become a trustworthy member of such a community, you might also want to find smaller yet active subreddits where you can promote your content immediately! Speaking from experience, we noticed that members of smaller subreddits appreciate you more if you invest time to provide value.

Always check the rules of the subreddits. Some of them require you to gain a certain amount of karma before you post a link, which you might want to do if your content is on a different platform. No matter the size of the community, follow the rules and be respectful.

Follow the trends

By now, you should be the master of how to behave and where, but what about gaining some momentum in popularity. The thing about the content nowadays is that it’s very dynamic and constantly changing. 

Make sure you follow the new trends, so people upvote your posts more. This will bring you into the popular kid’s circle and make your content more anticipated. If some of your older posts didn’t cause any reactions, a good idea might be to remove them, primarily if they don’t provide any value.

Refurbishing old content and posting it again in line with up-to-date trends can also be a great way to recycle and save time while engaging with fellow Redditors. If you notice that some of your posts are getting more reactions, concentrate on them and make sure you reply to the comments.

Don’t look for shortcuts.

And really, we can’t emphasize this enough, but most shortcuts to popularity don’t work. An everyday thing that people do is post hyperlinks in the text. Sure, sometimes it is necessary, but the person can find it alone if the goal is to promote your blog with a unique name, like JoesRedditTips.

Another thing that might be a temptation is making multiple accounts and upvoting your posts. If this doesn’t work, the algorithm will notice what you are doing, and you might even get banned. Instead, ask your friends to upvote you from time to time on the posts that they genuinely find good.

Final thoughts

Focus on long-term success and avoid shortcut and easy-path behaviors.

Don’t expect results overnight. Sure, you might get lucky and become viral, but this can only happen if you concentrate on providing quality and being a valuable member of a massive community like Reddit.

Lastly, spend some time analyzing and exploring what is out there. Think what subreddits might be suitable for your content and how. The answer is often not straightforward, and actual work is needed if you want it.

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