10 Best LinkTree Alternatives to Boost Your Instagram Marketing

10 Best LinkTree Alternatives to Boost Your Instagram Marketing

If you use Instagram for marketing, you already know that the one link they give you in your bio doesn’t cut it. You need a multiple-link solution to guide your followers to all your products and services. LinkTree has been the go-to for a long time — it was the original, after all. However, there are LinkTree alternatives that offer a lot more features.

For example, did you know that you can direct Instagram followers to your WooCommerce products, embed your feed, and view Instagram analytics — all in one place? There’s a solution for that, and we’ll cover it in this article along with our list of other top-rated alternatives.

Best LinkTree Alternatives

You don’t have to go researching alternatives on your own! We’ve done the homework and curated this list of alternatives to LinkTree for you. There may be one here that’s a better fit for your needs.

While each option has its own particular set of features that might make it a viable solution for your brand, there’s only one that comes in a WordPress plugin: Spotlight. We’ll explain how it works, but first, let’s review the list!

Link in Profile offers itself as “Instagram’s Missing Link.” They set you up with a dedicated, branded landing page that you populate with your Instagram posts.

When your Instagram followers click on the link in your bio, they’ll arrive at your landing page. They can view your shared posts, which automatically contain linked preview content. And when they click on the post, it will take them to your website — or wherever you’d like them to go.


The pricing for Link in Profile is simple; just $9.99/month, which includes a 30-day free trial.

Linkin.Bio website

Linkin.bio provides you with a landing page where you can direct visitors from your Instagram bio. With this tool, you have full customization of your page. You can customize buttons, colors, and fonts and choose a theme to match your branding.

Linkin.bio also helps you track sales. You can add up to five links to each Instagram post you feature on your landing page. The app integrates with Shopify to show you which posts are generating sales.

You can send visitors wherever you want by using only one link in your bio. You can also post from Instagram and TikTok accounts simultaneously, with separate pages for each.


Using Linkin.bio is free. However, suppose you want more features like full customization and more links. In that case, you need to subscribe to one of Later’s social media marketing plans:

Starter = $18 per month

Growth = $40 per month

Advanced = $80 per month

Feedlink website

So landing pages are cool, but have you ever tried a landing page with your own branded link? That’s what Feedlink is all about. You get a landing page, and you get to choose your own .link domain name.

Feedlink works like many of the other options on our list. If you use your .link URL in your Instagram bio, visitors are directed to your Feedlink landing page. Once there, they’ll see posts your posts, but with clickable links to content you choose. You can apply the same link to all your photos if you like.

Feedlink lets you choose color themes and a custom background image, as well as edit your bio information in the top section. Basic analytics are also included.


You can start free with one page and unlimited links or choose plans that offer a custom .link domain and more pages.

Starter = Free

Growth = $3 per month

Advanced = $9 per month

Milkshake website

Milkshake is an app that you can use on iOS or Android. With Milkshake, you get more than a simple landing page. Using the app, you create cards to create a website that your visitors interact with by swiping, similar to stories in Instagram.

There are several cards to choose from:

  • About
  • Links
  • Top Picks
  • Splash
  • YouTube

While the different types of cards have their purpose, they can each be customized to suit your needs.

Using the app, Milkshake allows you to share your website through your Instagram stories. You can also choose your own URL extension under the msha.ke/ prefix.


The Milkshake app is free to download, with a $2.99 monthly subscription that you can cancel anytime through the Apple App store or Google Play store.

Beacons website

Boasting a cadre of celebrity users, Beacons is another LinkTree alternative that you use exclusively as an app on your smartphone. You can add content from Instagram and TikTok, including posts and music.

Like Milkshake’s cards, you create your “webpage” using different blocks. You can add blocks to your layout, such as:

  • Embed a TikTok video
  • Embed Soundcloud
  • Embed Twitch stream
  • Spotify album
  • Email subscribe link
  • Book appointment

If you’re interested in monetizing your brand, Beacons helps you generate revenue directly from blocks on your webpage. You can sell shoutouts, accept tips, sell ebooks, split commissions, and more.

When you subscribe to their Entrepreneur level, you can get more features like a custom domain, extra page layouts, team accounts, and analytics.


There are only two levels with Beacons; Creator and Entrepreneur. With the latter, you get the free features, plus the extras mentioned above.

Creator = Free

Entrepreneur = $10 per month

Pallyy website

Pallyy is all about teams and scheduling. Like the others in this list, Pallyy allows you to create a landing page that you can use in your Instagram bio. What sets it apart from the others is the ability to create schedules for your social media posts on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and TikTok. This is especially helpful for agencies that manage multiple clients and have a large team. There are also opportunities to track analytics across platforms.

Pallyy also features drag & drop scheduling, custom themes, templates, and a custom domain.

For Instagram, Pallyy lets you schedule and automatically post images, videos, and carousels. It also has an image resizing tool so you can set up your images in advance to match Insta’s specs.


You can get started with Pallyy for free without a credit card or trial period. Their Premium plan is $15 per month, which gives you custom reports, custom domain, bulk scheduling, and a bio link. You can also add additional social sets for $15 per month (each) and additional users for $29 per month (each user).

Campsite.Bio website

Campsite.Bio provides a landing page where you can send visitors when they click the link in your Instagram bio. You can design it as a simple list of blocks with various links or make it more dynamic by embedding videos, music, carousels, and more.

You can also add a banner image, for which they give you a Photoshop template to use. The ability to display banners in a carousel makes your landing page interactive and entertaining.

Another block you can use on your Campsite.Bio page is an opt-in form. The Opt-in Form lets you collect information about your visitors on your landing page, such as email addresses or phone numbers. It also integrates with Google sheets so that you can keep track of sign-ups.


You can use Campsite.Bio’s free version for as long as you want. They also offer Pro and Pro+ plans that give you more features, like opt-in forms, custom URL, teams, and more.

Pro = $7 per month

Pro+ = $24 per month

Unbounce website

Landing pages are great and customizable themes are also wonderful to have. Unbounce provides those things, and in addition, they also host several helpful resources to help you learn more about getting those precious conversions you seek.

Unbounce has a Smart Traffic feature that uses AI to learn about your audience. When it’s turned on, it will start learning, and after 50 visits, start sending your visitors to the landing page that will most likely convert for them. That means a lot less testing for you.


Unbounce is among the pricier options on our list. They offer a free 14-day trial; then, you need to switch to one of their subscription plans:

Launch = $90 per month

Optimize = $135 per month

Accelerate = $225 per month

Hypage website

Hypage offers just about everything you need to create a super useful landing page. They provide a platform to create and customize your page and set up a custom domain.

You can also use Hypage as a replacement for Patreon. Rather than signing up on yet another website, your visitors can subscribe to your offerings right from your landing page.

Hypage seems to be big into helping you with revenue generation. From your Instagram link in bio, visitors can purchase your digital products, donate and submit requests, and sign up for a membership. You can also host gated content and charge for it.


Hypage offers a lot for free, and they have plans for the premium features like subscription sales and accepting donations.

Pro Plan = $19 per month

Enterprise Plan = $39 per month

Spotlight website

Spotlight stands out on our list. Not only does it provide everything the others do, but it’s also the only LinkTree alternative you can get as a WordPress plugin. If you’re using WordPress, you don’t have to leave your dashboard to access all the features that Spotlight offers. Another advantage of using Spotlight is that the traffic is going straight to your website rather than direct visitors to a separate landing page.

Spotlight allows you to display your Instagram feed right on your website. That means you can share your work with a new audience that may not use Instagram. From there, there are countless opportunities to direct visitors exactly where you want them to go. For example, you can create custom links for every post in your feed, directing visitors to specific content. There’s much more to explore here.

One of the better features of the solutions on our list is analytics, and Spotlight does not disappoint in that area. Their Performance plan includes detailed insights and analytics — something you won’t find in any other WordPress Instagram feed plugin. With Spotlight’s analytics, you get:

  • Centralized Instagram insights
  • Instagram post insights
  • Feed engagement metrics
  • In-depth promotions analytics

It takes less than seven clicks to embed your Instagram feed on your website using the Spotlight plugin. From there, you can filter posts, customize the look of your feeds, create shoppable feeds, and much more.

With so much to offer, Spotlight is our recommended LinkTree alternative.


Spotlight has three subscription tiers, each offering an increasing number of features:

Essentials = $39 per year

Pro = $59 per year

Performance = $99 per year


The basic premise of LinkTree or any of the alternatives we’ve mentioned is that you can send your visitors to multiple places rather than get stuck with the one link in your Instagram bio. All of the solutions in our list provide this basic functionality. Where they come in as viable alternatives is in their expanded features — with only one of them available in WordPress plugin form.

You don’t have to be stuck with the one link in your Instagram bio. You can do plenty to direct your visitors exactly where you want them to go. In the comments, let us know if we should add any solutions to our list of LinkTree alternatives!

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