Top Five Employee Scheduling Software –

Top Five Employee Scheduling Software

The software has been used to keep records of employee work hours since 1980, but all employee scheduling was done manually until 2010, when software for employee scheduling was created.

Employee scheduling software has become a must-have for employers and employees to increase productivity and reduce expenses.

The development of employee scheduling software was encouraged by the development of mobile devices. The process of sharing information and communicating between teams becomes easier.

1. Connecteam

Connecteam is an employee scheduling software suitable for companies of all sizes, from small businesses with 2-10 employees to companies with up to 200 employees. It has pre-made templates for scheduling, like a full week or single shift templates, and you will have your schedules done in a few minutes.

Fit planning process templates per your need and saves them, and you will have your template to use. Connecteam work schedule app is a drag & drop feature, so you can easily assign or duplicate shifts. Create open shifts so your employees can claim them or swap shifts with their colleagues online.

It has a mobile interface, and you can add various shift information details or attachments to keep your employees informed. Connecteam uses real-time updates and notifications to track completed shifts, rejected shifts, status changes, late check-in, etc. The software has a free plan and Basic, Advanced, and Expert paid plans.

2. Deputy

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Deputy is all-in-one employee scheduling software that can be used for healthcare, retail, manufacturing, logistics, and any other industry, from small businesses to enterprises.

Features of Deputy are:

  • Scheduling
  •  Time tracking
  • Time clock app
  • Mobile app

You can integrate Deputy with your other managing software, such as payroll system, HR, or POS. Tasks managed by Deputy are shifts swapping, exporting work hours data to payroll, leveling up wage and hour leaves, time off.

With Deputy, communication among employees and managers will be easy. All features that it has you can try for free. After a 31-day free trial, choose between Scheduling, Time & Attendance, and Premium or Enterprise solutions.

3. 7Shifts

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7Shifts is scheduling software developed for restaurants’ employee shift scheduling. 7Shift comes with excellent features to help you and your teams successfully run restaurant team management.

These features are:

  • Scheduling
  • Time Clocking
  • Communication
  • Hiring
  • Task Management
  • Log Book
  • Tip Pooling

You can download different Excel-file templates such as restaurant schedules, weekly, or monthly work schedules. You can download other useful templates related to employee scheduling management, so check them up on their site. Finally,  7Shifts has Comp Free plan and Entrée, and The Works paid plans.

4. When I Work

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With When I Work employee scheduling software, you can create a work schedule and share it instantly with employees. When I Work is designed for shift-based workplaces and will improve communication between employees and managers in any department or at any shift.

When I Work can be integrated with a time clock for easier time tracking, and with this online app, GPS for clocking in or clocking out is available. Team messaging using it is easy (eliminates sharing phone numbers) and online timesheets are integrated, so payrolls are easy to do and reliable and accurate.

Pricing plans are scalable; starting at $2/per user for Small Businesses (up to 100 employees) and Enterprises (up to 10K+ employees) are available per request.

5. Shiftboard

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Shiftboard is employee scheduling software designed to fit into the needs of all businesses that are “mission-critical” like Healthcare, Manufacturing, Public Safety, Corrections facilities, etc. All those industries have one thing in common – every shift is equally important and must be precisely planned and maintained.

Shiftboard products are Tailor-fit for all unique business needs. Its automated features like auto call-out fill and auto shift-fill will automatically cover sensitive businesses and prevent operation stoppages. You can request a Demo on the Shiftboard site and contact them directly for product purchase.


Employee scheduling software is created not only to help employers but also to help employees to have on-the-go information about their work schedules. It helps in communicating with managers or their coworkers in work-related time planning.

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