Top 30 Magazine PSD Mockup Templates in

Top 30 Magazine PSD Mockup Templates in 2022

With the Internet and mobile access to the web, the majority of the population prefer to read news and feature articles online for free. Venturing into print magazines is, therefore, becoming more challenging than ever. Going from an idea to a print-ready magazine is daunting and can prove to be a very tough learning process. Start by investigating your potential audience. Learn as much about them as possible to get a better idea of who you are talking to. From there, you can determine the most appropriate design for your magazine. Use the services of a graphic designer. Don’t forget that you should also create an online-ready version of your magazine, which can serve as a platform for attracting physical magazine subscribers. For a great design, layout, and look, check out and choose from various magazine PSD mockup templates in this list.

If you want to start a local community/grassroots magazine, it is completely possible. The PSD magazine mockups below are great for community-oriented and business magazines.

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Top 30 Magazine PSD Mockup Templates in 2022 1

Magazine Mockup Featuring a Woman Lying on a Couch

magazine mockup featuring a woman lying on a couch

You can now create a photorealistic presentation of the back and front cover of a magazine with ease. Even if you have the designs ready, but you are not a designer yourself, you will still succeed at establishing a top-notch outcome. Over on Placeit, all it takes is to upload your image directly from your computer and the platform then takes care of all the rest. Of course, you can also make any final adjustments if necessary, but if using a 700 x 1000 px (or the same proportion), it will fit the entire page anyway. If necessary, you can also adjust the color of the magazine with any shade you want.

Mockup Featuring a Man Reading a Magazine



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