Top 30 Magazine PSD Mockup Templates in

Top 30 Magazine PSD Mockup Templates in 2022

With the Internet and mobile access to the web, the majority of the population prefer to read news and feature articles online for free. Venturing into print magazines is, therefore, becoming more challenging than ever. Going from an idea to a print-ready magazine is daunting and can prove to be a very tough learning process. Start by investigating your potential audience. Learn as much about them as possible to get a better idea of who you are talking to. From there, you can determine the most appropriate design for your magazine. Use the services of a graphic designer. Don’t forget that you should also create an online-ready version of your magazine, which can serve as a platform for attracting physical magazine subscribers. For a great design, layout, and look, check out and choose from various magazine PSD mockup templates in this list.

If you want to start a local community/grassroots magazine, it is completely possible. The PSD magazine mockups below are great for community-oriented and business magazines.

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Top 30 Magazine PSD Mockup Templates in 2022 1

Magazine Mockup Featuring a Woman Lying on a Couch

magazine mockup featuring a woman lying on a couch

You can now create a photorealistic presentation of the back and front cover of a magazine with ease. Even if you have the designs ready, but you are not a designer yourself, you will still succeed at establishing a top-notch outcome. Over on Placeit, all it takes is to upload your image directly from your computer and the platform then takes care of all the rest. Of course, you can also make any final adjustments if necessary, but if using a 700 x 1000 px (or the same proportion), it will fit the entire page anyway. If necessary, you can also adjust the color of the magazine with any shade you want.

Mockup Featuring a Man Reading a Magazine

mockup featuring a man with a magazine

From the outside, let’s now move to the inside of a magazine. This particular mockup features a man reading a magazine outside, allowing you to put all the extra shine on your special designs, presenting them in the best possible light. Whether you would like to slide in an image, an advertisement, whatever, this life-like demonstration will help you with finalizing your creation. Not just that, you can also later use the masterpiece anywhere on the web, pushing the hype over and beyond. By the way, if you decide to take things to a different level, you can also put on display a full-blown spread design.

Mockup of a Man Reading a Magazine at a Coffee Shop

mockup of a man reading a magazine at a coffee shop

Let’s continue our photorealistic magazine mockups craze with this beautiful template. It features a man reading the magazine, or at least examining the magazine’s back (or the front?) in great detail. You can now use the other cover to present your design stunningly, triggering everyone’s curiosity right from the get-go. If you would like to push the new magazine issue on your social media or you would like to present your design idea to your client, use a mockup and make an immediate difference. It will take you barely any time to complete the process and leave Placeit with a rewarding exhibition of a magazine cover design.

Woman Reading a Magazine Mockup

woman reading a magazine mockup PSD

Give yourself a chance to impress and inspire all and everyone who gets a chance to have a peek at your magazine work. The life-like presentation will be on point with a woman reading a magazine. You can employ the design to slide in an advertisement, an image, some text, you name it. Thanks to the simplicity and effortless process, you can instantly attach different images and creations for instant results. And if you would like to change the color of the page, you can do that, too, with a click on the button. Just as simple as it sounds!

Woman Reading a Magazine at a Cafe Mockup

woman reading a magazine at a cafe

A woman in a coffee shop gets a chance to pick up your magazine and start flipping through its amazing content. This is the type of atmosphere you can establish with this outstanding magazine mockup template and finally make a difference. This particular alternative is ideal for when you would like to stick your front cover design of the magazine to the template. Just upload your image and see the magic happen in a snap of a finger. The template also gives you a chance to change the color of the front and back cover of the magazine for your convenience.

Folded Magazine Mockup PSD

folded magazine mockup

A mockup of a magazine offers you to create a life-like presentation of your designs, texts, images and other whatnot. With this particular template, you can insert your image on an inside page of a folded magazine. Along with that, you can also change the color of the background and change the magazine’s color. Additionally, feel free to add some more text (you have multiple different fonts to choose from). In the shortest space of time, you can put your magazine work on display for everyone to see how the final product could look. Now is the right time for any additional improvements and corrections.

Young Man Holding a Magazine Mockup PSD

young man holding a magazine mockup

To bring the presentation of your magazine design to an entirely new level, use a mockup template that includes humans. This exclusive layout is perfect if you create the front or the back cover of an upcoming issue. With the tool, you can show everyone how the outcome could look like. This way, your client can share their opinion and suggestions on whether or not they would like to change something. At this time, you have no trouble modifying and improving the design to avoid any inconvenience after the magazine is sent back to you from the print shop.

PSD Magazine Mockup Featuring a Man Flipping Through Pages

magazine mockup featuring a man flipping through pages

When you have someone going through your magazine, you can easily increase the hype and get more folks intrigued. You can use this magazine mockup template for all sorts of different intentions. While it works great to see how a particular page (read advertising) will appear in the magazine, you can also utilize it for social media promotion. Get the excitement going early by giving your subscribers a quick sneak peek at what they can expect from the magazine’s upcoming issue. You already know the gist of it; just upload your image, possibly change the page’s color, and even add some additional text if necessary.

A4 Magazine Mockup for Magazine Concepts

A4 Magazine Mockup for Magazine Concepts PSD

With thousands of likes from the Behance community and many more thousand downloads, A4 PSD Magazine Mockup is Jan-Alfred Barclay’s standard for what magazine mockups should look like when built with utmost care and efficiency. This is a PSD download containing several page concepts. It has a carefully layered structure that allows you to copy and paste designs directly onto new pages. Each template features a layer structure that enables photorealistic end results for all your page designs. You can combine images over pages, or create stunning feature pages for important stories and editorial content.


PSD Mockup, 4K Magazine

Free PSD Mockup - 4K Magazine

Thousands of likes sure does sound promising, but Alexandre Cardoso has a lot more to offer. His 4K Magazine template has tens of thousands of likes, with thousands of downloads. Creating a good-looking magazine mockup takes some serious time and effort and patience and understanding of how the elements of a magazine page come together to achieve the result of a magazine style. Alexandre has nailed it with this mockup, which he is giving away to the community for free. All three of the templates use Smart Objects that enable anyone to quickly adapt the templates to their own needs at any given time. You will enjoy using this magazine for projects where text positioning and design are important.


Ultra Clean Free PSD Magazine Mockup

Mats-Peter Forss is a graphic designer who loves to work with clean, minimal, and modern designs. His Ultra Clean Free PSD Magazine Mockup is not an exception. In his own words, this is “just a tiny mockup” that, hopefully, can help someone get started with their print business. We believe that this is a wonderful mockup that will find home for versatile fields of interest. Smart Objects are available for easier editing. The paper might be lacking a little texture and might need some extra work, but that’s the price you have to pay for minimalism. We’re certain that making edits to this mockup won’t be all that hard.


Square Magazine Mockup - Free PSD

Wassim Awadallah shares with us a square magazine mockup. For those of you who don’t like traditional magazine formats, this is another good option to go with. Have you ever sat in line at the doctors? They usually have some journals and magazines lying around, and they tend to have a square design. If this is the kind of area you are looking to work in with your designs, then Wassim’s template is a great choice. Smart Objects work with this design. This feature allows you to copy and paste designs onto new pages without losing much time for editing. All design aspects are well organized and allow you to change the tiniest parts of the magazine design without losing focus.

What’s more, Wassim has also included a helpful guide on making the most of the mockup, a true showmanship of dedication and admiration for his fans.


Photorealistic Magazine MockUp

Ahmad Muradi has published a stunning and photorealistic magazine mockup for all you geeks who want to showcase your best photography skills through a magazine. Photos truly do make a magazine come alive, and this mockup helps even the most inexperienced designer to create a magazine that showcases the best stills and photos in overlay pages. The positioning of the layout itself within the demo is really modern, perhaps the most modern we have seen so far in the context of magazines that deal with a lot of written text on top of photography. The layers allow you to edit the design thoroughly.


Free A4 PSD Magazine Mockup Isometric View

An isometric view will add all the necessary flavors to your journal and magazine. Mats-Peter Forss continues to outdo himself by sharing this wonderful mockup that you can quickly transform into fully functional magazine designs. He built it with his own hands using his equipment, but he provided Smart Objects, layered elements, and general advice on how to take advantage of this mockup best. The files are high quality, allowing you to print the magazine in whatever format you prefer.


Magazine Mock-Up PSD Freebie

Eduardo Mejia comes out with a staggering and realistic photo-oriented multipurpose magazine mockup. The first couple of examples look and read much like a book. Still, perhaps that is what some magazines are lacking: the combination of visual photography with text that reads similarly to what we see in the books. On the other hand, cluttered designs can sometimes feel overwhelming and generally hard to follow. Not in this case, though. You should get this mockup if you want to place your visuals alongside your text in the spotlight.


Free Magazine Mockup - by Vectogravic

Vectogravic Designs presents a free magazine PSD mockup for businesses and companies that want to build their little magazines. We love the careful details for each page and how the separate elements help talk about many things at once on a single page. Editing is also easy because of the properly named layers. This template could work for internal company magazines or for a more brochure-like approach to promoting your business by telling stories in a journalistic manner.


Free Magazine PSD Mockup

Zippy Pixels offers a digitally inspired magazine mockup that instantly attracts those interested in using photos and versatile text elements. We can foresee this splendid design to do well in situations where you want to write about technology or photography individually. The layouts provide a good starting point for displaying both visual and text content to make them work together rather than against each other. If you only like the designs themselves, grab any other mockup we promote here, and transfer the designs using Smart Objects. That’s the magic of Photoshop!


Free Digest-size Magazine PSD Mockup

Zippy Pixels has more to offer, and we are more than happy to promote these free offerings to the design community on their behalf. If big magazines scare you, try your chances with digest-size magazines. People love to grab these small digest-size magazines and take them on their journeys, whether taking the train or flying on an airplane. Concise stories and journalistic pieces would best promote tourism, expeditions, specific journeys, and such. A small size just makes the experience more comfortable and personally appealing.


Photorealistic Magazine MockUp from GraphicBurger

This photorealistic magazine mockup from GraphicBurger has been downloaded over 390,000+ times alone in the last three years. Seriously, how many magazines are out there using this design? Many are community-built magazines, so you won’t necessarily see them on the magazine shelves, but you might see some similarities between design choices. We really can’t emphasize enough how greatly structured this mockup is, which is perhaps why so many are attracted to it.


Top 30 Magazine PSD Mockup Templates in 2022 2

At first, it sounds easy. Just grab a magazine template or mockup, and you are ready to print! In some cases, it works. However, not everyone can use Photoshop to an extent where one can make instant changes to the design and adapt it to one’s requirements. We enjoyed the most about this mockup from Mohammad Jeprie. He published a full tutorial on how you can quickly adapt the template to your own needs by learning what went into the process of making it in the first place. Its an 80-step tutorial that’s very thorough and complex. Yet, it is rewarding because you get a better idea of how these mockups come to life and how to best edit them when the time comes. The result is a dark-ish magazine mockup for music, design, and fashion journals.

FREE Magazine : Book Front Cover Mock-up Template

Don’t waste time creating your book cover or magazine cover design. Tom White from Inspiration Hut has got you covered (pun intended)! His simple cover mockup will allow you to make a prototype of your future magazine or book. With so many great choices out there to choose from, we found Tom’s work to be one of the most simplistic and elegant at the same time. This is the perfection combination for when the required solution is needed.


Top 30 Magazine PSD Mockup Templates in 2022 3

Open Magazine PSD Mockup

This open magazine PSD mockup is a high-resolution and high-quality mockup for all types of magazines. GraphicsFuel has been doing graphic design for a long time, with this mockup neing one of their best works. It’s a work of art that considers both modern and classical magazine design standards. It executes both into a stunning culmination of design appeal and content flexibility. If you need a modern magazine mockup that delivers quality, this is the one, at least one from the free market.


Free Customizable Magazine Ad PSD Mockup

This free-to-download and photorealistic mockup for magazines will be a stunning choice if you want to present a magazine, a magazine advertisement, or a single magazine page. Of course, you can combine all three to reach that solid presentation. Take this mockup, and present your design capabilities within a real and fully functional magazine design. The mockup is a high-angle shot of an open magazine, with one page being turned, giving a view of three pages. All three pages have Smart Objects. You can easily place your designs on these pages. The background also has its Smart Object, so you can change background colors or textures.


Premium Magazine Mockups and Templates

We couldn’t believe the amazingly great work that so many graphic designers have produced these free magazine mockups and layouts. It’s a wonderful time to be alive within the graphic designer community. People are building their portfolios by giving stuff away for free. Who knows how many of these mockups have helped magazines save big as design costs go? We can only continue this amazing list by adding a few interesting and perhaps beautiful choices of magazine mockups that you can find only in premium design platforms. These handpicked options will provide the most usability for different variations of a physical magazine. They will also show how direct and personal a mockup or template can be.

Juniper Magazine/Portfolio

Juniper Magazine Portfolio

We begin with Juniper, a magazine or portfolio mockup based on visual content for magazines, portfolios, and brochures. The design is creamy clean, utilizes modernization, and is in your hands for full customization options. Content publications, photography magazines, fashion journals, and good old advertising brochures are target markets. The package contains 22 unique layouts with more than 40 predesigned pages. You can customize the global headers and footers of each page, and there are choices of styles for the paragraphs and characters. The design is also smooth, so it feels professional and ultra lean. Just make the changes you require, and it’s fully ready for print!


Sport Magazine

Sport Magazine

The name might suggest that Sport Magazine is only suitable for sports-related magazines. The fact, though, is that it’s a multipurpose magazine template that includes 30 uniquely designed pages to get you started. All typography used within the samples is free to use, so you don’t need to worry about acquiring a license. The layouts are based on traditional grid columns, but with enough room to make necessary adjustments. Also, all pages are in A4. That gives you the space to create unique page layouts besides the provided examples.


Clean & Simple Magazine Template

Clean Simple Magazine Template

The name implies that the design is clean and simple, and it is. More than that, though, it is sophisticated, complex, and intuitive on its right. You will want to get this template if you plan on writing journalistic pieces. You can have both pages flow together naturally, since many of the demo pages are already built that way. The white background will make this magazine template a great choice for portfolios, magazines, and outlets that want to discuss photography, travels, and engineering wonders.


Rounded Magazine

Rounded Magazine

Rounded Magazine got its name not because it is a round magazine concept, but because it focuses on rounded visual content within the magazine, making this choice unique. The text areas with backgrounds are also colored, allowing you to use more bubbly style fonts. This could work well for magazines strictly for women or on feminine-oriented subjects.


Cool Retro Vintage Magazine

Cool Retro Vintage Magazine

AbraDesign is an elite author, building and selling very high quality items. Sure enough, its Cool Retro Vintage magazine template is also high-grade quality. It provides a unique magazine layout experience for those in love with retro design elements. What makes this design so retro-ish is its use of traditional retro standards. The images are circled and scattered around the pages, like they would be in a classical design. Still, even though the template features a retro design, it is adaptable and fits multiple purposes.


Brochure/Catalog/Magazine Mockup

Brochure : Catalog : Magazine Mock-Up

This mockup works great as a brochure, a catalog, or a full-on magazine. The size is still A4 but can be minimized if necessary. The template also uses Smart Objects for smart editing. A total of 9 unique mockups are included, with a documentation that consists of both video and transcripts to help you effectively understand how to use these templates. The end result is a photorealistic magazine experience.


Landscape Brochure Mockup

Landscape Brochure Mock-Up

Architects, landscape builders, engineers, and creative artists come together in celebrating this awesome brochure mockup. Today is your chance to replicate professional designs and create one of your own by using a mockup built for a single audience only—those who build and those who build large, such as architects. This mockup will help you talk about your creative endeavors more meaningfully.


Square Catalog/Magazine Mockup

Square Catalog : Magazine Mock-Up

The premium marketplaces are also after clients who enjoy the square style. Here we have another magazine/catalog mockup that uses the square design principles. It’s a single-page template that helps you create new pages and copy existing designs onto the new pages. Then, you may edit them according to your requirements. It is very easy to work with and could work well for brochures or advertisement catalogs.


Lookbook Catalog Template

Lookbook Catalog Template

Fashion experts, we got something real special for you here! A catalog template to enlist fashion designs and items within each page. You get a room for a unique photo, and at the bottom of it, you can discuss the most crucial aspects of each design, including a price if you are going to use it as a promotional catalog for your available stock. Though it is heavily aimed at fashion designers, this mockup will also be of great use for selling other kinds of items, such as jewelry.


Botanic Portfolio Template

Botanic Portfolio Template

Florists, now is your time to shine! As we close our list of magazine templates, we finish with a precise, modern, and elegant magazine template mockup that can be used as a portfolio for anything related to botany: plants, flowers, trees, and nature. The 32-page package will give you enough room to create a magazine that will stand out from the rest, without even really trying. Botanic is a multipurpose image-based portfolio. The style is minimal, delicate, modern and playful with an indie feeling, ideal for photography, design, art or fashion projects. It can also work perfectly as a magazine, photo album, brochure or catalog.


What is the best magazine mockup out there?

We will leave this question for you to answer! You are the one seeking some unique styles for your next magazine project, so instead of us giving you direct nominations, we want to explore what kind of choices you have, and what you ended up sticking with. If successful, and you feel like you have a good magazine product ready for print, please drop a comment below and tell us all about it. We would love to hear about the success stories of our readers, and look forward to that! For now, enjoy these mockups.

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