8 Top WordPress Appointment and Booking Plugins

8 Top WordPress Appointment and Booking Plugins (2020)

Reservation systems are popular with hospitality-type businesses like hotels and restaurants, but they’re not the only ones who would benefit from them.

Any business model that relies on filling seats, meeting with clients and team members, or conducting assessments would benefit from a reservation, booking, or appointment system.

As a freelancer, you probably schedule time out of your work schedule to talk to your clients or meet with prospective ones. Don’t you think an on-site reservation system would be helpful for your own business, too? Appointments and meetings already take enough time out of your schedule. A reservation system will at least help you shave a few minutes off of the back-and-forth that tends to happen when trying to coordinate and schedule them.

Curious about what a reservation system can do for your WordPress site? Let’s take a look at what sort of businesses would benefit from one, what those benefits are, and then we’ll check out a number of plugins you can use to add a reservation system to your WordPress site.

Who Can Benefit From Booking and Appointments Plugins?

When you think about “making a reservation” you probably think about a restaurant or hotel. And when you think about “booking an appointment”, you’re more likely to think about service providers like physicians and advisors. In the end, though, it’s all the same. You want to give your end-user an easy way to reserve something while minimizing how much interaction you actually have to do to get it done.

So, who is it that really stands to benefit from an appointment or reservation system in WordPress?

  • Developers! (or any WordPress freelancer really)
  • Marketers
  • Restaurants, hotels, and other hospitality providers
  • Travel agencies (e.g. airlines, vehicle rental companies)
  • Beauty, health, and wellness businesses (like salons, gyms, masseuses)
  • Physicians and other healthcare providers
  • Advisors, coaches, and consultants
  • Service professionals (like cable companies that you have to schedule installation services with or pickup and delivery services like Uber)
  • Entertainment (e.g. concert tickets, clowns or bouncy castles for kids’ parties)
  • Education (like scheduling a tour, meeting with an advisor, signing up for classes, etc.)

Some of these industries and professionals have already embraced the online reservation system.

The Benefits for Hospitality

Hospitality providers are probably the most common use case for it right now and theirs is an example many industries would be smart to follow.

  • According to Statistic Brain, 57% of all travel reservations made annually are done online; 65% of which occur on the hotel’s website and not on something like Hotels.com.
  • They also found that 65% of same-day hotel reservations occur on smartphones, so you know that responsive design has been very well-executed on travel sites.
  • Rezdy found that almost



This article was written by Suzanne Scacca and originally published on WPMU DEV Blog.

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