6 Top WordPress Survey Plugins

6 Top WordPress Survey Plugins

WordPress survey plugins are a powerful way to collect valuable customer feedback and audience insights. Surveys can help you improve your customer service, engage with your audience, and even upgrade the user experience on your website.

There are many amazing WordPress survey plugin tools available for a wide variety of uses. Some are external survey tools, while others are plugins that are powered by WordPress itself. In this article, we’ll focus on six of our favorite WordPress survey plugins you can check out today.

Let’s dive in!

Top WordPress Survey Plugins

1. WP-Polls

WP-Polls is an open-source, free WordPress survey plugin that’s great for creating basic polls. You can customize and tweak your polls’ appearance using CSS and built-in templates.

Although WP-Polls only offers checkboxes and radio buttons for answer selection, it allows you to track voters and any duplicate votes. The plugin allows you to schedule poll start and expiration dates, and voters can view poll results right after they submit their answers.

It’s quick and easy to create a poll with WP-Polls. From your WordPress dashboard, select the Polls menu. You can create your survey, then use a widget or a code to display the poll on your website.

Why use WP-Polls? If you want to send a simple poll your audience, WP-Polls may be a great WordPress survey plugin choice for you. It isn’t ideal for users who want to use forms or a detailed survey to collect specific voter information and responses.

Price: Free | More Information

2. TotalPoll Pro

totalpoll wordpress survey plugin

TotalPoll is a WordPress survey plugin that allows you to easily create fully-customizable polls that are simple to incorporate into your website. This plugin is packed with features, and you have complete control over your polls’ appearance and content.

TotalPoll boasts a user-friendly, drag-and-drop Customizer tool that allows you to create detailed surveys. You can also add videos, audio, and images. Create a debate questionnaire, collect your voters’ opinions, and even set the plugin to display a scorecard your voters can view once they’ve submitted their answers. You can insert your polls into your website using a code or a widget.

TotalPoll is SEO-optimized, which allows you to include your polls in your sitemap so they’ll be visible to Google keyword crawlers. It’s mobile-responsive and cross-platform optimized, which allows users to access your surveys via mobile. It’s also compatible with SEO plugins like Yoast.

You can limit or restrict users from submitting duplicate votes and responses. TotalPoll also allows you to view insights and graphs that give you a picture of the answers you’ve received.

Why use TotalPoll? If you want a wide variety of survey options, access to voter insights, and a fully-customizable, user-friendly interface, TotalPoll may be a great WordPress survey plugin option for you. Even better, it’s a big bang for your buck!

Price: $29 license with a limited, free option (TotalPoll Lite) | More Information

3. Modal Survey

modal survey wordpress survey plugin

Modal Survey is an easy-to-use WordPress survey plugin that allows you to build polls, quizzes, and surveys. It allows you to both poll content and display your surveys in modal style, similar to a popup window.

This visual plugin boasts a simple front-end builder, and you have the option of viewing survey insights and results via charts and graphs. You can set question categories that display only those specific results to your users. If you have an e-commerce store, you can build product recommendation quizzes that help direct your customers to products based on their answers.

Set timers to count down remaining quiz and question time, and even collect email addresses for your email list. Modal Survey integrates with a number of email marketing platforms, including MailChimp, Constant Contact, and more.

Why use Modal Survey? Modal Survey is strong tool for generating customer feedback surveys, product recommendation surveys, and personality tests. If you run an e-commerce business, Modal Survey is a great option for you.

Price: $35 license | More Information

4. Gravity Forms

gravity forms wordpress survey plugin

Gravity Forms is a powerful, drag-and-drop WordPress survey plugin that allows you to build forms, quizzes, polls, and surveys. The plugin boasts over 30 pre-made form fields you can choose from, or you can create your own.

At its core, Gravity Forms is a form-builder, but you can purchase add-ons for other types of surveys like quizzes and polls that allow you to easily collect and manage user data and answers.

Use Conditional Logic to configure the fields in your surveys and limit how many responses you receive. You can also toggle whether the results of your surveys are displayed to the public, and whether to stop accepting responses after a certain number of people have answered.

Why use Gravity Forms? If you’re an experienced developer, Gravity Forms is a great choice for you. Because it’s more complex than some other available survey plugins, it’s not the strongest choice for beginning users. Gravity Forms is also a significant investment if you want all the bells and whistles, so it may not be right for people who only want a simple survey plugin.

Price: $59-$259 annual license | More Information

5. Hotjar

hotjar wordpress survey plugin

Hotjar is a visual, drag-and-drop WordPress survey plugin that can help you improve your website’s user experience through tools like heat maps and custom survey widgets. Its popular Incoming Feedback feature allows site visitors to rate their experience using simple tools like emojis or more in-depth surveys.

Hotjar’s Form Analysis feature also allows you to analyze forms to improve rate of completion. You can opt to receive reports from your forms that tell you exactly when users leave your page and which fields are left incomplete or blank. Choose from a bank of pre-populated questions or create your own.

Survey questions may be targeted and placed on certain areas of your website and at specific points in a user’s experience, like when they move to exit the site. Another stellar Hotjar feature is its use of heatmaps and visitor recordings to track user behavior on your website.

This data provides valuable insights about what’s working on your site, and what’s not. You can also use the user-friendly interface to view survey insights, feedback, and more.

Why use Hotjar? Hotjar is a powerful WordPress survey plugin that not only features a variety of survey types; it also gives you valuable insights into your website’s performance. If you need to collect detailed user behavior and feedback to improve your online business or e-commerce store, Hotjar is an excellent choice.

Price: $29 per month, with a limited free plan | More Information

6. Forminator Pro

forminator pro wordpress survey plugin

Forminator Pro by WPMU Dev is a powerful WordPress survey plugin with tons of functionality at the free level. You can use Forminator to easily build responsive forms, polls, surveys, quizzes, conditions, and feedback requests.

This plugin features a drag-and-drop form builder, Google ReCAPTCHA capability, and a variety of custom forms. Forminator can collect and track user information. It even integrates with PayPal and Stripe to accept online payments. It also integrates with HubSpot, MailChimp, AWeber, ActiveCampaign, Google Sheets, Trello, and more.

For WPMU Dev members, the Forminator Developer API is available. The API allows you to customize your own Forminator integrations and features. As an added bonus, free Forminator users can use the integrations you build.

Why use Forminator Pro? Forminator Pro is a dynamic survey plugin with a wide variety of features, even in its free version. It’s a great plugin for any WordPress user. For developers, it’s particularly attractive because its developer API is open for further customization.

Price: $49 per month WPMU Dev monthly membership option, with a limited free option | More Information


Choosing the right WordPress survey plugin for your specific needs will help you gain valuable insights that will, ultimately, help you improve your product, service, website, or audience engagement.

Let’s review the five tools we shared:

  1. WP-Polls – A free, simple poll plugin for conducting a basic survey.
  2. TotalPoll Pro – An SEO-optimized survey plugin with a user-friendly interface.
  3. Modal Survey – A visual survey plugin featuring modal-style popup surveys.
  4. Gravity Forms – A powerful, complex survey tool best suited for developers.
  5. Hotjar – A survey plugin that utilizes additional features like heatmaps and visitor recordings to provide user experience feedback.
  6. Forminator Pro – A powerful and versatile option anyone can get the hang of and use.

What’s your favorite WordPress survey plugin? Let us know in the comments below!

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