The Ultimate Guide to Accessibility and WordPress

The Ultimate Guide to Accessibility and WordPress

So you want to make an accessible WordPress website? Congratulations – your site will be available to the widest possible audience!

Not sure why accessibility is valuable? Accessible sites have benefits including faster load speed, better SEO and being good for PR. Plus making an accessible site is just the right thing to do.

15% of the population worldwide have disabilities. So thinking about accessibility is not just the webmaster’s responsibility. Everyone from website owners to digital project managers, designers, editors, content writers and anyone else involved in the website should think about web accessibility.

Some common issues that need to be addressed when creating an accessible website include making text screen reader-friendly, including appropriate alt text for images, ensuring optimal  color contrast, adding captions to videos, and making sure that your website is keyboard navigable.

As you read on, keep in mind that there is more to WordPress accessibility than compliance, and the following tips will help ensure you are well on your way.

Accessibility-Ready WordPress Themes

A great place to start for accessibility-ready WordPress themes is the WordPress Theme Directory on

Screenshot of WordPress Theme Directory on WordPress.orgWordPress Theme Directory (

The WordPress Theme Directory provides a Feature Filter that allows users to search through its database of free themes for accessibility-ready themes.

WordPress Theme Directory highlighting Feature Filter and Accessibility Ready filter option.WordPress Theme Directory highlighting Feature Filter and Accessibility Ready filter option.Use the WordPress Theme Directory’s Feature Filter to find accessibility ready themes.

A search of ‘Accessibility Ready’ themes in the WordPress Theme Directory bring up dozens of accessible-ready themes. You can also use the Feature Filter to search for ‘Accessibility



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