20 Best Colors for Websites: Color Schemes & CSS Hex Codes

Best Colors for Websites

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There are crucial things that go behind the making of a gorgeous website. One of these is color. Selecting the best fonts and best colors for websites is always a challenging task.

Where fonts increase the readability, colors are the most crucial aspect of a design. Selecting the right color scheme is something that every artist and designer puts a great deal of thought into. The color scheme of your design is capable of making or breaking the project.

Importance of Color Scheme for Your Website?

Color serves as
the most potent psychological tool for gaining the audience’s attention. It can
be used as a call-to-action for the website.

Color helps in
processing and storing images more efficacious than black and white images. The
contrast creates a mental appeal when coherent with your business theme.

This helps with
brand recognition and prompts the visitors to your site to take action.

A right color
combination can make the website more memorable and also provokes emotional stimulation.

When a website is
colorful, it makes the experience enjoyable and pleasant for the visitor. Wrong
color schemes can make UX irritating.

A pleasant
experience, in turn, leads to higher conversion rates. Apart from a
well-designed user-interface, the right contrasted color scheme will help a
visitor to navigate through the site content quickly and easily.

Good color combinations can also prove to be useful when it comes to developing content hierarchy or focusing on call-to-action or critical information.

Here are 20 Best Colors for Websites

#1 Soft Tones

Soft tones are in
trend, and as the name suggests, the colors are classy and quiet. It is the
ideal choice if your brand belongs to the fashion or jewelry industry. This
simple tone is capable of working wonders.

The tones work
with each other and make the jewelry or fashion content on the page stand out.
However, the layout is as important as the color scheme. Usually, these kinds
of websites have minimal text.

Instead of
cramming several products on a single page, the site takes on the approach of
only one at a time. An excellent example of such a website is Creations

Colors Codes: #c5d5cb, #9fa8a3, #e3e0cf

#2 Balanced and Colorful

Cool and warm
hues are one of the best color combinations. The combination has a soothing
effect on the visitor. From an earthy terracotta to bluish-green, this color
scheme is quite attractive.

It is suitable
for modern and youthful designs. It can serve as a sound color palette for
health websites.

Also, minimal text is recommended for such sites to avoid giving it a cluttered look. Active Theory is a site that has made



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