How to Get Documents Signed Electronically With WordPress

how to sign documents electronically in wordpress

Do you want to go paperless and sign documents electronically?

Getting your documents signed over emails seems like a tedious process — your users have to print the document, sign and scan it and then they email it back to you.

Luckily with WordPress, you can skip all those steps and let your users sign the documents with an e-signature right away. In this article, we’ll tell you how to get your documents signed on your WordPress website without going through all those lengthy processes.

But before that, let’s see why digital signatures are important and how can it be helpful to your business.

Why Sign Documents Electronically

No matter what business you’re running online, there are a lot of benefits to getting your documents signed electronically.

First, e-signatures or digitally getting documents signed makes it easier for your client to sign the documents. Your clients can sign the papers simply with the help of a mouse or a touch screen and send it back to you right away.

Second, you can skip all the steps of sending the email back and forth, and get things done faster. This means you can quickly close the deals and don’t have to wait until your papers get signed.

Step 0: Create Your Service Agreement Document

Before creating a service agreement copy, you need to know the exact points to include in it so you can have the correct details before getting it signed. A typical agreement copy will usually consist of the following:

  1. Terms of Service and Payment
  2. Address and Contact Number of Your Client
  3. Signature Field

If you’re not sure how to create an agreement copy, this sample might help you get started. Once your agreement is ready, you can add the digital signature field on your copy. Here’s how you can do it.

Step 1: Install the WPForms Plugin for Adding the Digital Signature Field


The first step is to install and activate the WPForms plugin on your site. WPForms is one of the best and most popular WordPress contact form plugins that lets you create any type of form, including a digital signature form with its robust drag and drop form builder. It needs absolutely no coding and requires less than 5 minutes to create your first form.

Step 2: Install the WPForms Signature Addon

In the second step, you need to install the WPForms Signature addon. For that, go to your WordPress dashboard and click on WPForms » Addons.



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