How to Get Your WordPress Blog Listed in Google News

How to Get Your WordPress Blog Listed in Google News

Do you run a WordPress blog and want to skyrocket your daily readership? You’ve probably jumped through plenty of hoops thus far just to get where you are: social media strategizing, bookmarking, and getting mentioned in blog directories are likely just a few of the methods you’ve used to make your blog a success. But what if there were another way to get your blog ranking higher in Google’s search results?

Luckily for you, there is a surefire way to get your blog the readership following you’re after – Google News. Getting your blog featured in Google News is one of the most effective ways to ensure that it gets seen by an interested readership. However, getting included in Google News isn’t exactly an overnight process.

So, what steps do you need to follow to get your blog listed in Google News and start generating the popularity you’re after? That’s what this article aims to cover. Let’s review how you can get your blog ranking well in Google’s search results to expand your readership and build the credible backlinks you need to get your blog featured in Google News.

What is Google News?

At its core, Google News is Google’s platform to promote stories that it deems newsworthy and relevant to current events. It’s a syndication platform that collects and categorizes news stories that are likely to be interesting to a wide audience of readers. And considering Google’s massive popularity as not just a search engine but as a company as well, Google News is also an excellent way for up-and-coming websites to drive plenty of new readers to their blogs.

Despite the benefits your site and its blog can enjoy if you do get featured in Google News, submitting your site and getting your stories featured in Google News is a different story. Let’s briefly cover how to go about submitting your site to get it indexed as a news publication site by Google and ultimately featured in Google News.

How to Submit Your Site

Google Publisher Center

Think you’ve got what it takes to get your stories featured on Google News? Great! You’ll want to use Google’s Publisher Center when you’re ready and fill out the required information (a description of your site, your site’s URL, your site’s topical category, etc.).

Once you’ve filled out the required info, you can simply click the “verify in Search Console” button in the Publisher Center. Now all that’s left is to wait anywhere between two to four weeks, which is the approximate time it takes for Google to complete its review process.

Keep in mind that while you don’t technically need to submit your site to Google News in order to be indexed and categorized as a news publication, it’s highly recommended that you do so: Google uses BERT (Bidirectional Encoder Representations) models, which is a natural language



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