WordPress Full Site Editing (FSE): The Features and their Impact on Users and Businesses

WordPress Full Site Editing (FSE): The Features and their Impact on Users and Businesses

Introduced as a simple blogging platform in 2003, WordPress is now a full-fledged content management system that powers over 43% of the web. It is continuously evolving to remain the number one CMS platform for websites.

Every year, WordPress releases a number of updates, all intended to make the content management process simpler and better.

In 2018, WordPress introduced a block editor called Gutenberg. Replacing the classic editor with Gutenberg was a huge update for WordPress. This new block editor made it easier to create and edit WordPress pages and posts using a blocks system.

On top of that, to improve the Gutenberg block editor and make it more flexible, the full site editing concept emerged. It is also referred to as the second phase of the Gutenberg project and enables full site editing with content blocks.

In simple words, full site editing (in short, FSE) is a collection of new WordPress features that enable you to create and edit every aspect of your website using blocks. Before FSE, we could use blocks in the content areas of WordPress pages and posts only. Now, FSE allows the usage of blocks beyond the content area and offers many customization options.

Let’s explore what the future WordPress Full Site Editing (FSE) holds.

WordPress Full Site Editing (FSE) Features

Here are the four major Full Site Editing features:

Site Editor

Full Site Editing breaks the limitation of themes and Gutenberg plugins that allow you to use blocks only in the content section.

Before FSE, you had to access the WordPress customizer to add the site logo, header, footer, homepage settings, widgets, and more. Now, full site editing has replaced the customizer, widgets, and menu because you no longer need them. You can edit every part of your website using blocks.

Apart from blocks, you’ll also get pre-designed patterns to add different sections to your post/page. Using patterns can save a lot of your time since you don’t have to design everything from scratch. Furthermore, you can customize block settings and styles more globally.

WordPress Full Site Editing (FSE): The Features and their Impact on Users and Businesses 1

Global Styles

With this option, you can fully control the website’s background colour, typography, layout dimensions, block colour, and even create your own colour palettes.

You can customize the style of specific blocks that automatically apply the settings throughout the whole site. This enables you to change your site’s look at any time from a single place.



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