3 Must See WordPress Media Cleaners

3 Must See WordPress Media Cleaners

WordPress makes it easy to run a website these days. Things are straightforward when you are just getting started. As your site grows and you publish thousands of articles, you will have to spend time maintaining your database. Deleting unused media entries and files is one way to reduce bloat. Here are 3 WordPress media cleaners you don’t want to miss:

How to: automate WordPresss tasks

Media Cleaner: a handy plugin that gets rid of unused media libraries and files. The pro version can scan your uploads directory to match it against the Media library. It can also perform a live site scan.

3 Must See WordPress Media Cleaners 1

LWS Cleaner: this plugin deletes article revisions, orphaned metadata, unapproved comments, and unused media. You can delete or ignore files on a case by case basis.

3 Must See WordPress Media Cleaners 2

Media Hygiene: this plugin gives you an idea how much unused media is taking space on your server. It also lets you know when new files have been uploaded and not used. You can whitelist certain files from being deleted.

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