How to Make Your WordPress Site Load Really Slow (100% Serious)

How to Make Your WordPress Site Load Really Slow (100% Serious)

No – you didn’t read the title of this post wrong. We thought that there was far too much talk about how to speed up WordPress.

People say things like: “page speed affects your Google rankings” or “a slow website is bad for conversions”.

But what about people who like to live life at a slower pace? In all this rush to speed up WordPress, are we leaving these people behind?

To help create a slower experience for your laid back audience members, we’re going to show you exactly how to create the slowest WordPress website possible.

If you want to slow down your WordPress site, you should absolutely implement all of these strategies. If you were to accidentally implement the opposite of the strategies in this post, you might accidentally make your site load faster!

How to Make Your WordPress Site Load as Slow as Possible

Let’s go through the tactics to slow down WordPress, starting with one of your most important decisions…

Pick Slower WordPress Hosting


Kinsta implements a ton of performance optimization techniques at the server level, which means your site will load fast without any input of your own

Your hosting is your site’s engine, so it’s going to play one of the biggest roles in slowing your site down.

Unfortunately, if you pick a performance-optimized WordPress host like SiteGround or Kinsta, your site might still have passable page load times even if you implement all of the anti-optimization tactics in this post.

Super annoying, right?

Instead, I’d recommend looking for the host with the absolute worst reviews possible (I know some names, but I’m going to keep them to myself).

Whatever you do, no matter what, you absolutely do not want to pick one of WPLift’s recommended WordPress hosts.

As a nice bonus for choosing a slow host, you can usually save a few bucks per month.

Saving $3 per month in exchange for slower page load times? Wow! What a great deal.

That’s penny wise and pound wise.

Choose a Huge Theme That’s Absolutely Packed With Features

Your theme is your WordPress site’s foundation, which means it plays an important



This article was written by Colin Newcomer and originally published on Learn WordPress with WPLift.

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