WP Beaver Builder Review : Is it Really Worth it?

WP Beaver Builder Review: Build WordPress Sites Instantly

WordPress is a darling of many. Absolute beginners, tech-savvy business owners, bloggers, web designers, and seasoned developers – name it – all have a thing for the platform.

Everybody is pining for WordPress, and that’s because it’s versatile, full of options, and ridiculously easy to learn and use. The platform comes with a million and one themes plus plugins that make building websites completely effortless.

As long as your WordPress installation is working, all you need is a theme and a few plugins, and you have a website. The only problem is every other person is using the very same themes and plugins you chose. For this reason, there’s very little room for diversity – just a bunch of people using the same themes and plugins over and over.

What should you do to differentiate yourself? There are a couple of options.

You can build your own theme from scratch, which takes an eternity and money. You can hire a WordPress developer to get you there, but it will be expensive and time consuming to say the least. You can take the road less traveled, install WP Beaver Builder, and craft a website out of your dreams block by block, element by element.

WP Beaver Builder allows you to create a one of a kind WordPress website in minutes, so that you don’t have to spend time and money on WordPress themes or developers.

In this review, we will take the WP Beaver Builder apart, and show you exactly why it should be your number one choice as you put together your next WordPress project.

Enjoy and don’t forget to get your own copy via the nice button at the end. It will save you money, and help us keep these free reviews coming your way!

What is WordPress Beaver Builder?

First things first, what is this animal we are calling WP Beaver Builder? What does it do exactly, and why should you even keep reading? I will quote the one and only, Joe Fylan.

Beaver Builder is an intuitive drag and drop page builder plugin for WordPress that aims to help you build custom websites in minutes not months.

So again, what’s Beaver Builder? I would tell you it’s an awesome WordPress plugin that helps you to build websites in seconds, but I would be paraphrasing what Joe just said.

Beaver Builder is a plugin yes – but it’s more than just your typical WordPress plugin. It’s a framework. It’s an engine of sorts; a complete toolset that adds ease to WordPress website development.

Once you learn the ropes, and it’s easy peasy work, you will put together beautiful websites in no time. It beats searching, downloading, installing and configuring WordPress themes, since it’s fully customizable all from one easy-to-use interface.

Now, thanks to all the ingenuity that went into the making of Beaver plugin, we have exactly the page builder you’ve been waiting for.

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This article was written by Freddy Muriuki and originally published on WPKube.

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