In My 4 Years of Working With Cloudways, They’ve Always Exceeded My Expectations. – Pete Everitt

In My 4 Years of Working With Cloudways, They've Always Exceeded My Expectations. - Pete Everitt

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The harsh reality is that when you offer web hosting to clients, they simply don’t care HOW it works! All the clients really want to know is that their website is secure, reliable, and ultimately gives a GREAT impression to their prospective customers.

A good – or bad – hosting provider can make or break that agency-client relationship.

Starting and Growing a Business Isn’t Always That Different

I am Pete Everitt, a digital entrepreneur. I’ve built a successful digital agency, run a podcast and a digital academy, and I’ve co-founded SEOHive, a white-label SEO service equipping and educating agency owners to sell and deliver recurring services to their clients.

My relationship with Cloudways started four years ago, from the 1st month of my digital agency, SO….

When setting up the business, I carried out a lot of the development work myself along with sales, marketing, project management, and finance, etc. Finding a reliable and scalable web host was crucial in those days because I simply didn’t have the time to worry about complex hosting setups or transferring sites from one server to another.

Enter Cloudways.

I built and tested the first iteration of the SO… website on a Cloudways staging address and took it live within the first month of launching the business.

That’s how my relationship with Cloudways began.

Since that time, as the business found its feet and started to grow into six figures, it was important for me that Cloudways stayed flexible with their offerings. Thankfully, they lived up to my expectations.

Cloudways gave SO… a platform to offer multiple levels of hosting contracts.

This meant that as my clients’ list grew – and their requirements became more unique – Cloudways was able to provide and maintain a reliable service that I had total confidence in. 

Moving From a Customer to an Advocate

Apart from the Agency, I run the Marketing Development Podcast and Marketing Development Academy. These initiatives help support Marketing Consultants and other Marketing Professionals develop their skills, businesses, and careers through exploring the broader themes of marketing and allowing them to dig deep into particular topics through online courses.

Naturally, I turned to Cloudways to host this little ecosystem, and now I run dedicated hosting resources to power my learning management system (LMS), sales, funnels, and general hosting.

Through my courses, I’ve been able to refer Cloudways to others to help build their businesses and processes.

One of the key things I’ve learned through my podcasts and courses is that openness and willingness to share the “behind the scenes” setup goes a long way in building trust and adding value



This article was written by Mustaasam Saleem and originally published on The Official Cloudways Blog.

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