Adam Connell’s Interview With Cloudways About Lead Generation and Content Strategy

Adam Connell’s Interview With Cloudways About Lead Generation and Content Strategy

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Adam Connell is a content strategist with a background in SEO and email marketing. Before leaving his agency role to focus on his own projects, Adam was responsible for new websites and managing the content & growth for international brands.

He started experimenting with different types of content to test out what works best for lead generation. He is also a great person to talk to if you need to use content marketing tactics for selling your products or services.

Let’s start the interview

Cloudways: Hello Adam. Thank you for joining us today. Please tell us a bit about how it all started? Why is blogging so important to you?

Adam Connell: Hey! Thanks for inviting me. Much appreciated.

My story isn’t typical. I never intended to become a blogger at first.

I started building websites in Dreamweaver when I was 12 (they were terrible, lol).

Then, when I was studying Music Technology at college I got the crazy idea to start an online record label. I opened Dreamweaver and started developing a website for the label. I got together with a few friends who had finished music we could release.

We launched the website and started promoting it (it was back in the days of MySpace) – we sold one album. The business was a failure and I had no clue what I was doing.

So, we made the decision to release all of our music for free under the “netlabel” model and we had some success but the maintenance of the website was problematic. Updating HTML websites built with Dreamweaver was slow.

I needed something easier. I’d built forums in the past with phpBB so I knew there would be some content management system out there.

I installed WordPress on my server. I moved all of our content across and it saved a load of time updating the site.

Since WordPress was mainly focused around blogging back then, I used the new blogging functionality to announce our releases.

Together with a few online communities and some social promotion, our releases were being downloaded. And while we closed the label several years ago, we’ve had close to 3 million downloads across 60 releases from artists all over the world.

This experience taught me just how powerful blogging could be and it set me on a path that got me to where I am today.

Earn at your own pace.

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Cloudways: How does Blogging Wizard help new and seasoned bloggers optimize their blogs for lead conversion?

Adam Connell: Most people think that optimizing for conversions involves a series of quick hacks or tactics but the truth is that the process starts far earlier. In fact, at the very beginning before the blog is built.

For example, some of the typical things you’d do when starting your blog like choosing a niche, identifying your target audience and figuring out your content strategy – they all impact your ability to



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