Making the web better: an interview with Joost & Omar

Making the web better: an interview with Joost & Omar • Yoast

Willemien Hallebeek

Willemien is Content Team Lead at Yoast. She loves to create and organize content in such a way that it helps people understand SEO.

August 1 is World Wide Web Day. On this date, back in 1989, the world wide web was born at the CERN lab in Switzerland. Something that started as a way to share knowledge between scientists, has grown out to something none of us can imagine life without. And because the web is such an important part of our daily life, we at Yoast are always working on ways to help make it better. In this interview, our founder and CPO Joost de Valk and CTO Omar Reiss talk about how we can make the web a better place for everyone.

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Why we talk about making the web better

At Yoast, we have a few core values to achieve our mission of making SEO possible for everyone. And the first one on our list of core values is Making the web better. Which sounds good, but can also have different meanings to different people. So, let’s start with the obvious question:

What do we mean when we say ‘Making the web better’?

“To answer that question, we’ll first have to give a clear definition of the web,” Omar explains. “The web started out as an enormous collection of documents linking to each other. And to a certain degree, this is still a simple definition of the web as we know it today. But the web has gone through some evolutionary stages since it first saw the light of day. A guiding principle in its development has always been an increase in interactivity. Interactivity between users and the site they’re visiting, but also interactivity between different platforms on the web. Making the web better means helping the web become more interactive, in a way that reinforces its open, connected, and accessible nature.”

“Exactly”, Joost adds to this. “Speaking from a personal point of view, my background in open source has always helped me understand the importance of an open web. And the importance of leveling the playing field for everyone. When you think about it, it’s quite amazing that anyone can create a site that someone at the other end of the world can visit with the click of a button. But what I also love about the open web, is that it makes it possible for every site, from well-known names to a small bakery around the corner, to be found through online searches.”

“It’s important to maintain and improve on that possibility to be found online. Even if your background is not in coding or site design, or even marketing. Although the options are definitely there and we (together with others) are continuously



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