Why you should add links to a new post as soon as possible

Why you should add links to a new post as soon as possible

You write these beautiful blog posts. You put a lot of effort into them. However, it can take a while for Google to pick up on your new blog posts and show them in the search results. So is there any way to speed up that process? Well, links to your post can help. It makes sense that obtaining external links to your post will take a bit of time. But what about internal links? Do you always make sure to point some internal links towards that newly released post? Do you give your site that kind of SEO love? In this post, I’ll talk about the importance of adding internal links to new posts and pages and give you tips on how to easily do that!

Google crawls through your site by following your internal links. If a certain post or page has a lot of internal links, Google will come there more often than on pages or posts with little internal links pointing towards them. A new post does not have any internal text links going towards it. It will probably have a link from the homepage and from a category or a tag page. But that’s about it. Unless you add some links from other posts and pages. And that is a task you should always do right away, after hitting publish. Give your site some SEO love by adding a few internal links from other posts and pages to this new one.

If you add those internal links, Google will come around more often on your new page. Google will deem it more important. And that will result in a higher chance to rank high in the search engines. Moreover, your own visitors will have more chances to find and read your new article, by clicking on one of the links on one of your other pages.

Tips on how to add internal links

Adding internal links isn’t a hard task. It’s just something you need to do. But how do you do it fast and efficiently? And what should you take into account when choosing articles to link from? And, isn’t there a way to make this easier? Let me walk you through some tips!

Make it part of your routine

Adding internal links to new posts and pages should be part of your SEO routine. You could make it a habit of doing it every time you hit publish. If you write a lot of articles, you could also decide to add internal links to newly published posts every week. But it needs to be something you do on a regular basis. Otherwise, your new articles will not have their best chance in the search engines.

Asses the importance of your new article

Not every article is of equal importance. Some of your articles are really lengthy and elaborate. You probably want to rank highest with those. For instance, I have written an ultimate guide to site structure. That is my most important article about site structure. This article you are reading now is far less important than that ultimate guide. This article does deserve some internal links, but not as many as an ultimate guide would need. The number of internal links you incorporate into other



This article was written by Marieke van de Rakt and originally published on SEO blog • Yoast.

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