Add NFTs to WordPress: 6 Plugins

Add NFTs to WordPress: 6 Plugins

NFTs are getting a lot of coverage in the media. They are non-fungible tokens that can be sold and traded. They are used to authenticate videos, songs, and everything else on the blockchain. Here are 6 WordPress NFT plugins that let you host NFTs on your website easily:

Currently trending WordPress plugins

WooCommerce NFT Importer: this plugin lets you import listings from OpenSea. It fetches prices in real-time. Useful for NFT affiliates. It is responsive and ready to be translated.

Add NFTs to WordPress: 6 Plugins 1

OpenSea: a free plugin that lets you embed single NFTs on your site with a simple shortcode.

Add NFTs to WordPress: 6 Plugins 2

NFT Maker: turns your WooCommerce site into an NFT store. It supports Ethereum, Polygon, Binance Smart Chain, Celo, and Harmony.

Add NFTs to WordPress: 6 Plugins 3

MFT NFT Cards: this VueJS & WordPress plugin lets you list NFT cards from in real-time. It has 4 card layouts for you to choose from. Another plugin for NFT affiliates.

Add NFTs to WordPress: 6 Plugins 4

Kredeum NFTs: lets you create your own NFTs and collections. It lets you add your own NFTs to OpenSea with a click. It supports various blockchains.

Add NFTs to WordPress: 6 Plugins 5

LikeCoin: a plugin for decentralized publishing. It brings NFT to publishing, so you can secure your metadata permanently and get an ISCN number to authenticate your content.

Have you found better NFT plugins for WooCommerce and WordPress? Please share them here.

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