Atarim (formerly WP Feedback) Discusses The 18month Transition From WordPress Plugin To SaaS –

Atarim (formerly WP Feedback) Discusses The 18-month Transition From WordPress Plugin To SaaS - WP Mayor

Q: Hi Vito! For those readers who are not familiar with Atarim (formerly WP FeedBack), can you introduce the plugin, who it’s for, and what made it one of the top plugins for managing projects?

Hey Gaby! It’s great to be back on the blog ❤

Atarim is a web agency management system designed to enable collaboration with clients, communication within the team, and free up most of the back and forth and bottlenecks that are involved in delivering web services. These might include gathering content, approving designs, and providing support to care plan clients.

We started as a standalone plugin (WP FeedBack). Now, we’re a cloud-based application with a plugin dedicated solely to the end interface. It’s similar to the way Zendesk or Intercom have plugins that integrate with WordPress to perform specific functions.

What used to be the standalone plugin has now evolved into the client interface. It encourages clients to use the product they paid for – the website itself. The plugin can be used for the entire process of the build, as well as for support. Rather than being pushed to multiple different tools, clients can access one interface for all their needs.

Meanwhile, the Agency Dashboard is the place where freelancers and agency team members log in every morning to see what project tasks need to be carried out and access pending support requests.

Atarim DashboardThe Atarim dashboard

Our WordPress management platform includes unique tools created to support the day-to-day activity of web professionals specifically. These include:

  • Our visual collaboration tools
  • Auto logins
  • Auto image optimizations of client resources,
  • Team activity tracking
  • Time tracking
  • Estimates
  • … and a lot more (150+ features)

Atarim (formerly WP Feedback) Discusses The 18-month Transition From WordPress Plugin To SaaS - WP Mayor 1


The only agency management platform dedicated to website design & development.

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Q: As time went by, what pushed you to create a cloud-based application?

I set out on this journey to create a simple plugin to help my own agency collaborate with clients. It worked like magic! Not only did it reduce a lot of time wasted on day-to-day tasks, but it also reduced a whole lot of stress. I decided to bring this product to market in the form of WP FeedBack. This seems like years ago, but it’s



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