How to Avoid Criticism: 5 Tricks for Building Success Vision

Bring Success Vision to Life with WordPress Website

Your success vision comes from your hopes, dreams, desires, and willingness to take the steps to bring each of those to life. It can’t be limited to what others want. It can’t be limited by what others say. When building up your success vision, it starts with your heart and ends with your purpose.

Quote: To avoid criticism, say nothing, do nothing, be nothing. – Elbert Hubbard

When I started writing for a local paper, I worked hard to create stories that would entertain, inform, or educated – preferably a bit of all three. One particular week, I struggled to find a start. My muse took a vacation and forgot to tell me.

I stared out the window watching a squirrel spin around the tree – in part to taunt my dog. The more I watched the more an idea came to mind. The squirrel became my muse for the day. 

After the article was published, a neighbor called to give me a hard time about the article. “How dare you write such things about your husband.” 

I sat in shock. I had literally written about a squirrel in the tree in my front yard. It wasn’t a metaphor or an analogy. It was a real squirrel in a real tree. But my neighbor saw in the words what my neighbor wanted to see.

For several weeks, I struggled to write something without trying to figure out what my neighbor might see in the words I was crafting. I let what my neighbor might find and criticize become the driving force for what I would, or would not write. 

Some of my worst writing happened in those weeks. And, not ironically, I received complaints about those articles from other readers.

You can’t please everyone. Ricky Nelson hit it on the head when he sang the words about the importance of pleasing yourself. If you aren’t happy in your journey then you will never have success in your journey.

The truth is, even if you say nothing, do nothing, and be nothing, somebody somewhere will find a reason and a way to criticize you. Instead of worrying about what they have to say, you find your way to live your success vision.

In 2005, living in the woods, in the middle of rural Alabama, WordPress websites opened up doors for me to pursue my success vision for writing. In this article, we’ll talk about the importance of your success vision and how you can use your WordPress website to set a foundation for growing your dream.

You Have to Be You

The problem with trying to please everyone is that you lose yourself in the process. You spend so much time twisting to fit the expectations of others that you tie yourself in knots. When you are in knots, you are NOT moving forward in your purpose.

Growing up, the people around me encouraged me to be unique. My uncle – who was INFAMOUS in our community and around the state for being . . . different



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