Beaver Themer Review: Is It the Best WordPress Theme Builder? (2021) –

Beaver Themer Review: Is It the Best WordPress Theme Builder? (2021)

Considering using Beaver Themer to design your entire WordPress theme with Beaver Builder’s visual drag-and-drop builder?

When we originally wrote this Beaver Themer review back in 2017, the Beaver Builder team was one of the first page builders to move into the full theme building space. The release of Beaver Themer was new and fresh and pushing the envelope.

Since then, however, virtually every other page builder has gotten into the theme building space. Elementor Pro has full theme building, Divi added theme building in version 4.0, Brizy Pro has theme building, etc.

So – does Beaver Themer still stand up in December 2020 when we’re completely updating this review? And more importantly, should you use Beaver Themer to design your website?

Keep reading our hands-on Beaver Themer review to find out…

What Is Beaver Themer?

In a nutshell, Beaver Themer lets you take Beaver Builder’s visual drag-and-drop builder and apply it to your theme templates. Essentially, this lets you design your entire theme using the familiar Beaver Builder interface.

Here’s a quick explanation of how Beaver Themer is different from Beaver Builder:

  • Beaver Builder – you can create the design for a single blog post.
  • Beaver Themer – you can create the template that all your blog posts automatically use.

Beaver Themer lets you create the templates for all the various parts of your theme including:

  • Header
  • Footer
  • Single templates (e.g. a single blog post, page, or custom post type)
  • Archive templates (e.g. the page that lists all of your blog posts or another post type)
  • WooCommerce products
  • 404 page
  • Etc.

You can either display these templates sitewide. Or, for more control, you can conditionally display them. For example, you could use one template for blog posts in one category and a different template for those in another.

How Beaver Themer Works

In this section, I’ll show you roughly how Beaver Themer works so that you know what’s happening. Then, I’ll single out some of the most useful features in Beaver Themer in the next section.

1. Create a New Themer Layout

To get started, you’ll create a new Themer Layout and choose what type of template to create. For example, to create a blog post template, you’d choose Singular. Or, if you want to create a template for your header, you’d choose Header.

2. Configure Layout Settings

Next, you can choose where/when to use this template, which is one of Beaver Themer’s strong points in comparison to other tools.

You have two types of options:

  • Location – choose the type of content. For example, all blog posts or blog posts in a certain category.
  • Rules



This article was written by Jake Rocheleau and originally published on WPKube.

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