Beginner’s Guide to WordPress Live Streaming (Works With YouTube)

Beginner's Guide to WordPress Live Streaming (Works With YouTube)

Live streaming is the same as making any other online video, except it’s live! Whether you’re live streaming a video game, your recent piano recital, or a tutorial for your new software, activating WordPress live streaming gives people a place to find your stream while also making content for your site.

You have two options to consider when configuring WordPress live streaming:

  • A WordPress theme that supports live streaming.
  • A WordPress plugin that supports live streaming.

If you go the theme route, you choose a theme that either lets you stream directly through your website or by linking directly to a streaming service. You will find numerous themes on platforms like ThemeForest that support livestreams from YouTube, Twitch, Facebook, and many other services.

A streaming plugin (like Embed Plus for YouTube) works similar to a theme, linking you to a popular streaming service, then you embed the stream on your site through the plugin.

However, a theme only works if you don’t already have a website with a theme you like.

Therefore, it usually makes more sense to use a plugin to go along with your current theme.

In this post, we’ll show you how to add YouTube live streaming to WordPress using the free Embed Plus for YouTube plugin.

? Table of contents:

How to set up WordPress live streaming

Install the Embed Plus for YouTube plugin. Not only is this plugin free, but it offers the easiest option for streaming through WordPress (via YouTube Live).

After you activate the plugin, open a WordPress page or post.

For WordPress live streaming, it’s a good idea to make a separate page for each video.

Inside the page, find and click a “+” Add Block button to reveal the list of available blocks.

Search for “YouTube” or scroll through the list to find and click on the YouTube Wizard option.

add block - WordPress Live Streaming

This brings up the YouTube Wizard block.

Click on the Open Wizard button to proceed.

open wizard




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