5 Best AddThis Alternatives for WordPress

5 Best AddThis Alternatives for WordPress

If you’ve been using the AddThis plugin to add share buttons and content recommendations to your posts, you were probably as bummed as we were to hear that Oracle is shutting the service down. AddThis was a great way to get more likes, shares, and followers, but since it’s been deactivated, it’s time ⏰ to look at some AddThis alternatives.

We’ve compiled a list of the top AddThis alternatives to boost 🔥 your sales and marketing content efforts and help your content reach a new audience on social media platforms.

Best AddThis alternatives for WordPress in 2023

Giving followers and fans the option to share your content via social media can go a long way when it comes to boosting your profile and growing your site visits. These plugins will fill the gap left by the plugin and ensure that your marketing efforts keep delivering results:

Social Warfare

Social Warfare is a WordPress social sharing plugin designed to boost social shares and drive more website traffic. It features visually appealing buttons that adapt to different screen sizes. You can add social share buttons for all your marketing channels, including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and others, and customize the placement of the share buttons.

The plugin also features floating share buttons that follow readers as they scroll.

Social Warfare offers more than just social share buttons, though. It includes the Popular Posts widget that displays your most popular content based on social share counts, allowing you to highlight trending articles. The plugin also enables the creation of tweetable quotes within posts. This can potentially increase the average number of tweets per article. Its built-in Frame Buster provides content protection by preventing unauthorized ads from appearing on top of your content.

If that’s not enough, the premium version of Social Warfare, called Social Warfare – Pro, offers even more social network share buttons, customization options, and advanced features. These include image hover pin buttons for Pinterest and a variety of options for sharing content on different platforms.

👉 Social Warfare is one of the best AddThis alternatives you can use to take your website to the next level.

AddToAny Share Buttons

The AddToAny Share Buttons plugin is a powerful tool for increasing traffic and engagement on your WordPress website. With support for over 100 sharing and social media sites and apps, you can easily share your content to platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, Reddit, and others.

Similar to Social Welfare, the plugin offers a range of share buttons. These include standard and floating buttons that are responsive and customizable in both vertical and horizontal orientations. And it also supports custom placement and appearance. This allows you to choose where the buttons appear on your site, whether it’s before or after your content.

You’ll also benefit from real time data services and web analytics integrations with AddToAny. These include Google Analytics and link tracking via Bitly. The plugin is mobile-optimized and retina-ready, offering a seamless sharing experience on both native and web apps.

Overall, it’s highly customizable and extensible. You get a lot of flexibility to customize sharing on your WordPress site. Plus you get to use custom icons from various sources. With over 15 million downloads, AddToAny continues to strive to be the best sharing plugin for WordPress. It’s among the best Addthis alternatives on the market.


Shareaholic is more than a social sharing tool. It is one of the best website optimization tools around, with a comprehensive suite for audience growth, offering engagement features designed to attract new visitors. With Shareaholic, you can easily add social share buttons, related posts, content analytics, ad monetization, and more to your site.

One standout feature is its privacy-focused approach, utilizing server-side code to fetch share counts and providing a Share Count Proxy to prevent unnecessary data leakage to social networks.

While it shares a lot of the same features as Social Warfare and AddToAny, Shareaholic has an edge because it provides an extensive set of features in one package. It covers all the essentials for audience growth and engagement, including social share buttons for a wide range of platforms, related posts for increasing page views and user engagement, content analytics for tracking website performance, and monetization options through affiliate links, out-stream video ads, and promoted native content. Shareaholic also emphasizes privacy compliance, with GDPR-compliant features and anonymization of EU/EEA visitor data.

Shareaholic’s integration with popular hosting providers and partnerships with industry leaders further ensure its stability and scalability. If you are ready to get serious about cross-channel content marketing, this is the right tool for you.

Otter Blocks

Otter is a plugin that extends the abilities of the built-in block editor in WordPress. It provides additional custom blocks and features to improve the page-building experience without relying on traditional page builders, like Elementor or Divi.

While Otter isn’t a social sharing plugin per se, you can use its social sharing block to easily add social sharing buttons to their posts or pages. With this block, visitors can share content across various social media platforms, thus increasing the reach and engagement of the website.

Otter has an edge over the other plugins because it offers so much more than just social sharing. This is especially the case when it comes to animated and dynamic blocks. It offers over 50 animations (including Lottie animations) that can be applied to any block on the page. These animations add visual appeal and bring your pages to life. They can help capture the attention of visitors and make your content more engaging.

Otter provides customization options to control the style and appearance of blocks. You can customize colors, animations, typography, and other visual aspects to align with your website’s design and branding. As a result, it can really transform your marketing and sales efforts.

Another noteworthy feature of Otter is the Gutenberg Block Conditions functionality. You can use this to show or hide blocks based on specific conditions such as user roles, URL query strings, date range, day of the week, and more. These options provide real flexibility in displaying content to different user segments and optimize your site visitors’ experience.

👉 If you are looking for a Gutenberg blocks plugin that has the same functionality as AddThis, you can’t go wrong with Otter.

Revive Old Posts

Next on our list of the best AddThis alternatives is Revive Old Posts. Revive Old Posts (ROP) is a plugin that takes random posts from your blog archive and shares them automatically to social media. This in turn helps you get more website traffic, increase your social media followers, and engage existing followers. With over 40,000 active installs, Revive Old Posts has become a go-to social media automation and scheduling plugin for WordPress.

This plugin has some unique features compared to AddtoAny Share, SocialWarfare, and Shareaholic as well. One of them is the ability to schedule the frequency of sharing old and new content on social media. Users can set the time between posts or schedule specific days and times for the plugin to automatically post to social media.

Revive Old Posts’ auto-posting feature can also take your new posts and submit them to social media as soon as they’re published. It also includes UTM tags in social media shares to track the origin of website visitors. This allows you to potentially identify a new target audience for your content.

Revive Old Posts comes in both free and pro versions. The pro version offers additional features such as RSS feed sharing, support for WordPress Custom Post Types, content variations, advanced exclusion options, scheduling for Facebook Groups, Instagram, LinkedIn Company Pages, Tumblr, Google My Business (GMB), and Vkontakte(VK), multilingual support, custom UTM tags, and more.

Conclusion: what’s the best AddThis alternative? 🧐

The news that AddThis has been discontinued was disappointing, but luckily there are plenty of excellent AddThis alternatives you can use to get your message out there.

Each of these incredible marketing tools has its own unique features and add-ons, so make sure to consider them carefully before making a decision.

Let us know which is your favorite among these AddThis alternatives in the comments section below.

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