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Best Cloud Storage Services for 2021: Keep Your Data Safe by Storing It in Remote Locations

Cloud storage is a resource for storing your data online. It offers you storage services in return for a monthly or yearly subscription.

Depending on what cloud storage service you pick, you will get many great features enabling a simpler and faster way of storing your data.

You can store anything, including text, images, videos, or any other file format.

Cloud storage service providers ensure proper data management, backups, and remote access. Access your data from any device; all you need is an internet connection. Plus, you can make your data available offline as well.

Users need to be sure that their cloud storage service provider fits the following requirements:

Security – Security depends on how well data is encrypted. It is important that you feel safe online and that measures are taken to ensure access control and data privacy protection.

Ease of access – You can access your data with ease from anywhere. Speed is also a reason why more and more companies are using cloud storage.

Storage durability – Whether you lose a device or any other mishap happens, your data will not be lost.

Any device that might be used to store data will become a burden to carry around. So, why not choose a great cloud storage service instead?

A Few Great Cloud Storage Services for 2021

1. pCloud

pCloud is a great way to keep your files such as images, videos, music, and documents stored and synchronized across all your devices.

You can store any file you want without worrying about its size or type. You can share files as well, with simple sharing options.


  • Data protection according to Swiss laws – Switzerland-based team, with strong IT skills, following strict Swiss laws.
  • Available on every device – You can navigate between pCloud for Web, pCloud Drive, and pCloud for Mobile.
  • Easily accessible – With the search, filter, and trash options, it will be easy to find, edit and delete files.
  • Secure location of servers – The servers storing all the data are in a highly secure location.
  • Security – pCloud cares about your safety, so any information stored is safely transferred through TLS/SSL encryption.
  • Various file-sharing possibilities – There are options such as Invite to a folder using which you can share folders by inviting users, Shared links using which you can set up a link for a specific file and make it visible to those who open the link, and Direct links using which, through the public folder, you can create direct links to particular files.


  • Premium (500GB) – 175€ one-time payment
  • Premium Plus (2TB) – 350€ one-time payment
  • Family (2TB) – 500€ one-time payment




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