17 Best Addons & Plugins in – Free & Premium

17 Best Elementor Addons & Plugins in 2022 - Free & Premium

If you’re looking for the Best Elementor Addons for your WordPress website, then you’ve landed at the right place.
Addons cover the slack in the area where Elementor lacks and enhance the functionality of the page builder.

I have compiled a list of the 17 popular addons for Elementor, highlighting their customization abilities, pricing, unique features, and what they offer in both free and premium versions. But, first, look at what Elementor is and why you need addons.

An Introduction to Elementor

Elementor is a drag-and-drop page builder for WordPress that makes website designing very easy. With over 5 million active installs, it is one of the most popular page builders powering 7% of WordPress websites. Launched back in 2016, Elementor has been around for 6 years now, with the purpose of making website designing easy for beginners. It lets you customize every single part of your website.

If you’re non-design folk, the Elementor visual editor gives you the flexibility to drag any of the 90+ widgets to create designs like a custom sticky header, footer, and sidebar. Once you become familiar with its workflow of dragging widgets onto the page and tweaking with elements, you will find it as intuitive as it can be.

Elementor is a freemium plugin. Its basic version is free. The free version is a good choice if you want basic pages without advanced functionality. However, the pro version gives advanced functionality, including the Theme Builder and a wide range of tools, widgets, and settings.

Why do you need Elementor Addons?

Elementor is enriched with all the features required to create a great website design, but nothing is perfect. Improvements are needed in everything. If you want to unlock more design potential, here comes the Elementor addons.

Addons or extensions are WordPress plugins that enhance the core functionality of Elementor by giving a variety of widgets or new design options for existing widgets. They also provide the functionality to integrate with other plugins that you are using on your website.

To help you to choose the best addons, I have tested more than two dozen addons and selected the best one for you.

What To Look for in Elementor Addon?

There are plenty of addons in the market, but some of them do not work properly. Some are not updated regularly and with poor support. You have to look at the following points when searching for quality addons.


Price is the most important factor when you looking to buy an addon. The addon you might want to use on your website will vary depending upon the features and functionality you are looking for. It is also possible that another addon might be offering the same features in less price.


Features are the most important thing when considering an addon. You should choose the addon that offers the latest features list. You can also try more than one as you do not know that you may like their features



This article was written by Amir Shehzad and originally published on ShoutMeLoud.

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