7 Best Invoicing Plugins for WordPress & WooCommerce in

7 Best Invoicing Plugins for WordPress & WooCommerce in 2022

If you’re a freelancer or small business owner, then you know the importance of invoicing clients for your work. Not only does it help to keep track of your income and expenses, but it also serves as a record of the services you’ve provided – which can come in handy if there are any disputes down the road.

While there are a few commercial non-WordPress systems out there, like Freshbooks, Zoho, and Invoicera, most of us would be better off avoiding their monthly fees and tapping into a more integrated platform.

Luckily, there are a number of great invoicing plugins for WordPress that can help you create professional invoices quickly and easily.

And in this post, that’s what we will be looking at. Ready? Let’s go.

WordPress Invoicing Plugins

WordPress has many third-party developers creating invoicing plugins, but not all of them have been built for the purpose and include all the features needed to do the job. Naturally, you might be wondering what the essential features of an invoicing plugin are, so we’ve put together a quick list.

  • Create quotes and estimates.
  • Create invoices with both one-time and recurring fees.
  • Manage taxes.
  • Easily accept online payments.
  • Provide different payment gateways to allow customers to pay using their preferred method.
  • Allow you to track paid and unpaid invoices.
  • Send automated notifications for payment reminders.
  • Customer account page with invoicing history.

Some features won’t be needed by every freelancer but can be great pro-level additions if and when they are needed:

  • Late payment fees.
  • Deposits and Partial payments.
  • Manage EU VAT when applicable.
  • A professional reporting system that allows exporting invoices’ data.
  • An API with an accounting system. 

Let’s now go over WordPress’s best standalone invoicing plugins.

GetPaid is a leading all-around invoicing plugin that lets you collect one-time and recurring payments in its free version, with no complex setup required. Whether through a Buy button, form, or invoice, you can charge clients using over 20 payment gateways, from Paypal and Stripe to Square and WebPay.

They also have a cool free add-on feature where you can send multiple quotes to a client with different offers, and they will auto-transform into an invoice that your clients can pay right away – no back and forth. 

Developed by AyeCode LTD in 2016 from a heavily modified fork of the popular Easy Digital Downloads plugin, the company operates from five continents and has over 4000 active installs.

Key features (all for free)

  • Create items with a one-time fee or recurring payments (subscriptions).
  • Add a free trial and/or allow buyers to name their price.
  • Add items to your website via Buy Now Buttons. Customers will be able to buy on your website via several Payment Gateways.
  • Create inline checkout forms to sell your items through an optimized landing page.
  • Manage taxes and EU VAT.
  • Straightforward reporting system


  • Extensive range of features in the FREE plan
  • Easy setup
  • Integrates with Affiliate management plugins
  • It supports plenty of payment gateways


  • Some features are paid add-ons
  • Partial payment option is still missing
Sliced Invoices, a WordPress invoicing plugin.

With over 7000 active installs, Sliced Invoices is a great invoicing solution for freelancers and small businesses. It’s a lightweight plugin with many features like designable features, various currencies, multiple languages, and online payments. You can also create comprehensive reports that give a bird’s-eye view of your financials and set up your global tax rate or rate per item.

Key features

  • Send Quotes and Invoices and get paid online
  • Lots of filters, actions, and template tags
  • Flexible tax settings (global, per Invoice/Quote, or line item)
  • Send clients automatic payment reminder emails
  • Clone existing Quotes & Invoices
  • Add your logo and business details to Invoices & Quotes
  • Bulk CSV import of Quotes & Invoices
  • Support for WordPress Multisite (network activated)


  • Many customization options
  • Lots of filters, actions, and template tags
  • Pre-defined line items
  • Set custom Invoice & Quote prefixes and/or suffixes


  • Customer support for the free plugin is known to be slow and unresponsive
Sprout Invoices for WordPress.

Since their inception in 2018, Sprout Invoices has accumulated over 2000 active installs. They offer a full-featured invoicing, payments, and time-tracking solution for freelancers and small businesses. And with their Zapier integration, you can connect Sprout to over 2000+ apps to automate your workflow.

Key features

  • Unlimited Invoices, Estimates, and Clients. 
  • Fully customizable templates with your theme.
  • Localization support for your language.
  • Client records with multiple points of contact


  • You can customize notifications and lead generation forms
  • Import data from the likes of Freshbooks, Harvest, WP-Invoice, and CSV files
  • Multi-currency support
  • Hundreds of integrations


  • Reported to be a bit buggy for some
  • The user interface is a bit outdated
Jetpack CRM invoices for WordPress.

On top of being an invoicing plugin, Jetpack is also a customer relationship management tool for eCommerce businesses, agencies, freelancers, startups, and nonprofits, with 20 000+ active installs. They were acquired by Automattic in 2019, the company behind WordPress.com, with more than 1,200 employees in 77 countries speaking 93 different languages. 

Jetpack is designed to be straightforward yet flexible at the same time. You can build custom proposals right on WordPress with this plugin. And through the client portal, customers can view quotes, invoices, transactions, and files.

Key features

  • A client manager for WordPress – includes a client portal for customers to view quotes, invoices, transactions, and files.
  • Make quotes and customer proposals right in WordPress.
  • A Billing System that can be connected to Stripe and PayPal via paid extensions and work as a payment gateway.
  • Manage your business transactions and payments.
  • You can use it as a CRM for WooCommerce, tracking orders and automatically syncing payment transactions. 


  • Follow up with contacts by segmenting your contact list (e.g. Toronto customers with transactions in March).
  • Billing can be handled directly from the CRM and track all your transactions against CRM contacts.


  • Bloated interface – Jetpack has a lot of features squeezed in toggles and sub-menus, which can be a bit difficult to navigate. 
  • Some users report that this CRM can slow down your website.
  • Some essentials features like online payments are only available in the paid version.

WooCommerce Invoicing Plugins

WooCommerce is a free and open-source eCommerce plugin for WordPress that was created by WooThemes but acquired by Automattic in 2015. It is now the most popular eCommerce platform, with over 5 million active installations.

If you’re using this tool, you’re probably also looking for an invoicing plugin. Luckily for us, WooCommerce has some great free options to choose from.

Print Invoice & Delivery Notes for WooCommerce.

The Print Invoices & Delivery Notes for WooCommerce plugin allows WooCommerce orders to be printed with invoices and delivery notes. Additionally, you can edit your company/shop’s name and postal address, as well as notes, conditions/policies (like a refund policy), and a footer imprint. They have over 50 000 active installs, and keep in mind that you’ll need a WordPress version of 4.0 or higher.

How it works is that the plugin adds a side panel to the order page that allows shop administrators to print invoices and delivery notes. On the order screen, registered customers can also print their orders.

Key features

  • Quickly print invoices and delivery notes on the “Orders” page.
  • Bulk print invoices and delivery notes.
  • Add a company address, a logo, and any other information to the invoice and delivery note.
  • Completely customize the invoice and delivery note template.
  • Supports the WooCommerce refund system.


  • Bulk print invoices and delivery notes.
  • Enable customers to print by including a print link in emails.
  • Intelligent invoice and delivery note template system with hooks and functions.php support.


  • Limited and slow support – they urge you to ask the community for help.
  • Sometimes bulk printed orders don’t come out on separate pages.
  • Requires some coding knowledge to change the fonts.
WooCommerce PDF Invoices, Packing Slips, Delivery Notes, and Shipping Labels

This WooCommerce plugin is a bit more extensive since it generates PDF invoices, packing lists, delivery notes, dispatch labels, and shipping labels from the WooCommerce orders page. By default, WooCommerce won’t allow you to print these documents from your orders page. So by using this extension, business owners can streamline their online store’s shipping and order processes.

The software was made by WebToffee and boasts over 30,000 installations.

Key features

  • Add order meta or custom meta in the invoice.
  • Add QR code in the invoice that reads the order number or other custom details using a premium addon plugin.
  • Customization of invoice and shipping label.
  • Send invoice PDF by email: Enable stores to send PDF invoices by email.
  • Auto-generate customized invoice number with provision to set prefix, suffix, and padding (number of digits of the invoice number) for your invoice number or set order number as the invoice number.
  • Preview before printing: This feature allows you to view what a printed label would look like on the screen before printing a hard copy.


  • Support for RTL and Unicode languages: A free add-on with the plugin will provide full compatibility with any RTL or Unicode languages like Hebrew, Arabic, etc. The add-on is equipped to handle almost 12 RTL languages, including most Asian languages.
  • Customizable invoices.
  • Show tax info easily in documents.


  • Add-on features require a rather pricey premium version.
  • Reported to be buggy from time to time.
Invoicing plugin for WooCommerce.

With this WooCommerce plugin, you can generate PDF invoices and PDF packing slips, attach them to WooCommerce email types of your choice, and send invoices to Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, or Egnyte. You can pick from multiple clean, customizable templates.

This tool comes in 13 different languages and has over 20,000 active installs.

Key features

  • Connect with Google Drive, Egnyte, Dropbox, or OneDrive.
  • Multiple clean and highly customizable PDF Invoice templates.
  • WooCommerce order numbering or built-in sequential invoice numbering.
  • Advanced items table with refunds, discounts, different item tax rates columns, and more.
  • Download the invoice from the My Account page.
  • Mark invoices as paid.


  • Advanced items table with refunds, discounts, different item tax rates columns, and more.
  • Connect with several cloud-based file hosting services. 
  • Send invoices to multiple recipients.


  • Bulk commands are only available in the premium version.
  • Poorly rated customer support.


When it comes to finding the best WordPress invoice plugins for your business, there are many great options out there. However, it is crucial to consider your specific needs and requirements before making a decision.

If you still need help picking the right one, we recommend GetPaid as the best overall WordPress invoicing plugin with the most extensive free features. 

It is the only one providing recurring invoices, Stripe integration, EU VAT MOSS compliance and an advance reporting system in its free version out of the box. 

All this while being lightweight and having a minimal impact on your server’s performances. It stores invoicing data in a custom database table making it load faster and capable of handling huge datasets. It also boasts all hooks and filters needed for third party plugins to use it as their payment and invoicing system.

For freelancers, businesses, and WordPress users, it’s a great way to collect payments, customize invoices, and record transactions at minimal costs.

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