9 Best Knowledge Base Software for Your Website (Compared)

9 Best Knowledge Base Software for Your Website (Compared)

9 Best Knowledge Base Software for Your Website (Compared) 1

Are you looking for a knowledge base software for your website?

A knowledge base includes answers to any and all questions about your products/services. It saves time for your customer support team so they don’t need to manually write replies every time users ask the same questions.

Knowledge bases don’t only work for customers, though.

You can also create internal knowledge bases for your team members to continuously help them run the business smoothly.

Your knowledge base is also helpful for improving your site’s SEO rankings.

But as your business grows, your knowledge base might increase to a level that requires professional software to manage. These tools come with a content editor, category builder, folders, frontend search system, and other useful features.

In this article, we’ll share 9 of the best knowledge base software for your website and eCommerce store.

Best Knowledge Base Software for Websites

Below, you’ll find high-quality knowledge management software and tools. Each software may offer a few unique features, so you can select the best knowledge base software for your website.

1. Help Scout

Help Scout

Help Scout is a popular help desk and knowledge base software. It lets you create a self-serving knowledge base for customers to find answers about your products or services.

With a premium text editor, you can add frequently asked questions to the knowledge base. This editor is similar to the WordPress post editor and allows you to add images, links, tables, videos, and more to your post. Select categories and add related articles to provide the best self-support to your customers.

Help Scout claims to reduce your customer support volume by 20% with their knowledge base. Display the knowledge base articles in sidebars, optin popups, modal popups, or anywhere else on your site to engage customers.

This software can create a fully functional help center with topics, categories, and responsive layouts. It generates a sitemap and optimizes your knowledge base for SEO to rank in the search engines like Google.

Get Help Scout today!

2. Freshdesk


Freshdesk is a premium customer support and knowledge base software. It offers multiple methods to engage with customers and automatically converts agents’ answers into the knowledge



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