What’s the Best Logo Maker? 10 Tools Compared for

What's the Best Logo Maker? 10 Tools Compared for 2021

Starting a business? Well, as it turns out, you don’t really need to hire a graphic design agency, or perhaps hold a design contest, to come up with the best logo for your business. And no, you don’t require a huge budget or specialized design skills either. You just need to find yourself the best logo maker for your brand.

That’s precisely what Sergey Brin, one of Google’s founders, did back in 1998. Using a free open-source graphics editor called GIMP, he managed to design what is, today, one of the world’s most recognizable logos.

Now, fortunately for you, today’s logo makers are much more advanced. So much so that many of them have even morphed into AI-based logo generators.

We’ve taken the time to test out all the dominant tools in this space. And, as a result, we’ve finally compiled a list of ten of the best logo makers in 2021. Feel free to tag along as we review them one by one.

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What to look out for when choosing the best logo maker

If you’re looking to identify the best logo maker for your brand, here’s what you should consider. These are the four main factors we’ve used to compare different solutions before coming up with a conclusive list of the top logo tools.

  • ? Ease of use: Logo design tools should be simple enough to be used without any technical knowledge or design skills. You should be able to generate and edit brand logos right off the bat.
  • ? Cost: The best logo creators in the industry provide real value through reasonably-priced packages. Some solutions even go as far as offering a free logo maker – but with paid file downloads once the editing process is done.
  • ? Logo editing: The best logo generators are accompanied by flexible logo editors that are capable of extensively customizing the finer details.
  • Logo download options: Once you identify a perfect logo design, and perhaps even customize it further, you should be able to download it in your preferred format. The best logo designers support multiple file formats at different prices. The more you pay, the wider the range of download options.

That said, here are the 10 best logo maker tools that you might want to try out in 2021 (in no particular order):

Best logo makers in 2021

Now that we’ve discussed the value of logo makers, let’s look at the ten best options. The one that’s the best fit for you will at least partly depend on your budget, but they all offer somewhat similar features.

1. Tailor Brands

What's the Best Logo Maker? 10 Tools Compared for 2021 1



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