The Best Ways to Prevent a Data Breach in –

The Best Ways to Prevent a Data Breach in 2021

One of the biggest threats that loom over every retail operation is a data breach. It doesn’t matter if you are a small eCommerce store or a big brand brick and mortar. At some point, your business could be exposed, and all of your customers’ data is stolen.

There is a lot of effort being put in to combat this and make customer data safe, but it seems the hackers are always one step ahead. Since technology is always changing, retailers need to change alongside it and find the best way to stay secure.

In this article, we will go over several ways that you should be looking to protect your customers’ data in the new year.

Use the blockchain

People tend to focus on the blockchain in terms of cryptocurrency trading and the best time to buy bitcoin. Others are more interested in the technology behind this cryptocurrency. And this technology could be exactly the answer towards building a secure database that can’t be breached.

The way the blockchain works is that each transaction on the ledger has to be verified and is then “sealed” in a block with an encrypted code. These blocks can’t be hacked since there is no server for the blockchain. Everybody who runs the chain on their computer acts as a server. As such, a hacker would have to hack into millions of computers. Impossible, in other words.

Using the blockchain is the safest way to ensure that there is no data breach. It may seem complicated to switch to a blockchain-based system, but the reality is that you can’t really tell the difference between the cloud and the blockchain when it comes to the user experience.

Implement regular audits

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There is always going to be a gap in your security, no matter how good it has been in warding off hackers up until now. Don’t take it for granted that this will always be the case, and perform regular audits of your security.

This should include a VCM tool. This is a vulnerability and compliance management tool that hunts down any bugs that can be exploited or gaps in the code of your security system.

These tools constantly monitor your system’s performance and alert you if they detect any vulnerable areas, so you know before the breach can happen.

In addition to that, you should hire a firm that deals with security audits that will take a look at your system on a regular basis. They have the eyes and expertise to spot any part of your security system that can be hacked and then patch it up so it can’t happen. This can save you a lot of money and time in the long run.

Train your staff

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