Best Web Push Notifications Tools to Connect With Your Audience in

Best Web Push Notifications Tools to Connect With Your Audience in 2021

Web push notifications differ from marketing options like emails and SMS messages in the way they’re delivered to users. As opposed to showing up through a text message or an inbox, push notifications pop up in web browsers or apps, prompting visitors about new products, deals, or announcements.

Push notifications can work wonders for the right type of project or business. This is due to their ability to notify a user right on the screen (no need for them to open their email inbox) and the relative non-invasiveness of the practice.

In this post, we look at what push notifications are, how they work, and what tools to use if you want to start sending web push notifications to your audience / customers.

How web push notifications work

The process works by asking users inside their browsers if they’d like to allow push notifications.

example opt-in for web push notifications

Upon acceptance, you’re able to send little, clickable messages that appear inside the browser.

example web push notifications

In order to start sending out web push notifications, you must sign up for a service. Sometimes push notifications are offered as a separate charge through your email marketing service. There are also other companies that focus only on push notifications.

In the following sections of this post, we put together a detailed comparison of the absolute best solutions to consider.

Here are the top tools for sending web push notifications:

If you’re in a hurry, here’s a quick side-by-side:

Best web push notifications software
Tool Free Plan? Pricing Segmentation Personalization A/B Testing Automation and Triggers Email Marketing or SMS Offered?
Webpushr From $19 / month ✅ with Zapier integration
Pushnami Must contact them for pricing Email



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