7+ Best WordPress Amazon Affiliates Plugins for Amazon Associates

Best WordPress Amazon Affiliates Plugins

Searching for the best WordPress Amazon affiliate plugins?

Amazon’s popular affiliate program, Amazon Affiliates, is a great way to monetize niche sites or product review sites. Because it’s such a popular affiliate program, you can find some really useful WordPress plugins to help you insert Amazon affiliate links, keep your prices and product details updated via the Amazon Associates API, create product comparison tables, and more.

In this post, I’ve collected 7+ of the best WordPress plugins for Amazon affiliates to help you make more money, comply with the Amazon Associates terms of service, and just generally have an easier time when working with your Amazon affiliate content.

7+ Best WordPress Plugins for Amazon Affiliates

1. AAWP (Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin)

AAWP, short for Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin, is one of the most popular solutions for Amazon affiliates using WordPress.

AAWP does pretty much everything you need for working with the Amazon Associates program. It can help you:

  • Insert products in several different formats.
  • Keep product information up to date using the Amazon Associates API, including locally caching the results to improve performance and limit API requests.
  • Geotarget your affiliate links to send shoppers straight to the correct Amazon locale.
  • Create product comparison tables.
  • Add event tracking to your affiliate links to track link clicks in Google Analytics.

When you insert products in your content, you can choose from a ton of different pre-built layouts (and you can also create your own templates or customize the default templates). In total, you get the following options for inserting products:

  • Text links – basic text links.
  • Product boxes – with a single shortcode, you can insert a styled box that includes the description, price, CTA buttons, and more.
  • Bestseller lists – a list of best-selling products based on a keyword or product group.
  • New releases – a list of new products based on a keyword.
  • Data fields – insert specific information about a product using a shortcode, such as a product’s current price.
  • Widgets – add products to your sidebar.

You can also display multiple products in a customizable product comparison table.

You can check out some demos of how the product insertion features work by clicking here.

All in all, this is definitely one of the best WordPress Amazon affiliates plugins, but the downside is that it doesn’t offer a free version.

Price: AAWP starts at €49 to use all features on a single site.

2. AzonPress

AzonPress is another popular all-purpose plugin for Amazon affiliates. It offers a lot of the same features as AAWP, including some great-looking product insertion options.

Like AAWP, it lets you use the Amazon Associates API to insert regularly updated information and Amazon affiliate links.

You’ll get the following options to insert products:

  • Text links
  • Product boxes
  • Individual product elements (e.g. the price of a product via API)
  • Product grids 
  • Bestseller lists
  • Widgets

Like AAWP, you can also create product comparison tables to showcase multiple products against one another.

If you want to see what all the product options look like, you can check out some demos here.

In addition to helping you insert Amazon products in a lot of different ways, AzonPress also comes with the following useful features:

  • Geotarget Amazon affiliate links to send shoppers straight to the optimal locale.
  • Track affiliate link clicks.
  • Customize the layouts of the product insertion options.

Price: AzonPress is a little cheaper than AAWP – you’ll pay just $27 for use on a single site.

3. EasyAzon

EasyAzon is a popular free WordPress Amazon affiliates plugin, which makes it a great option if you’re on a budget. The two plugins above are definitely two of the best options, but neither comes in a free version which can make things difficult for newbie bloggers.

EasyAzon fixes that, giving you access to some useful features for free, as well as more features in its paid version.

With the free version, you can create and insert Amazon affiliate links right from the WordPress editor, which is a lot faster than needing to go to the Amazon website.

If you upgrade to the Pro version, you’ll also get some more advanced features including:

  • Product quick view – show product information when a user hovers over the product.
  • Add to cart functionality – have shoppers add the item to their cart to get the longer cookie duration.
  • Automatic link localization – send shoppers straight to the proper locale.

Price: EasyAzon has a free version at WordPress.org. To unlock all of the features, the paid version starts at $47 for use on unlimited personal websites.

Amazon Auto Links is another popular free amazon affiliate plugin that helps you easily insert individual products or lists of Amazon products in your content. You can insert products by:

  • Category – show a dynamic feed of products in a certain Amazon category.
  • Product search – show a list of products based on keyword search.
  • Specific products – display specific products.
  • URL – list the items from an external URL.

You can also use shortcode parameters to control how your lists look, such as changing image sizes.

To keep your product lists up to date, Amazon Auto Links uses the PA-API v5 to display accurate product information via the API.

Overall, Amazon Auto Links isn’t as flexible as AAWP or AzonPress, but it is a really good option if you’re looking for a free plugin.

Price: Amazon Auto Links is 100% free.

AmaLinks Pro is another popular premium WordPress Amazon Associates plugin.

Like the other options, it uses the Amazon Associates product API to insert accurate information about products on your site. You can insert products in several different ways including:

  • Text links
  • CTA buttons
  • Product boxes
  • Image links

If you want to create product comparison tables, AmaLinks Pro also comes with a table builder add-on (at no extra cost) to let you design customizable product comparison tables like below:

The table builder lets you use drag-and-drop to customize the columns and information that you display. You can also mark certain items as the “Top Choice” to direct shoppers to the most profitable products.

To help you understand the performance of different offers, AmaLinks Pro also includes Google Analytics event tracking so that you can track affiliate link clicks in Google Analytics.

AmaLinks Pro does not support geotargeting your links to different Amazon locales by itself, but it does integrate with Amazon OneLink and Genius Link if you want to do so.

Price: AmaLinks Pro starts at $67 for use on a single site.

6. WZone

WZone is a unique plugin for Amazon Associates as it works in a different way to all the other plugins. Whereas most of the other plugins help you insert affiliate links and product information in your existing content, WZone helps you set up your own affiliate eCommerce store powered by WooCommerce.

With WZone, you can easily import Amazon products to your store and list them as products on your site. Shoppers will be able to browse your store just like any other eCommerce store. The only difference is that, when they go to check out, they’ll be taken to Amazon to finalize their purchase and you’ll earn an affiliate commission.

You’ll also get features to keep the product information in sync so that your store always shows the right details.

Overall, WZone can be a good option if you want to use this full affiliate eCommerce store approach. On the other hand, if you have a blog and you just want a solution to add Amazon affiliate content to your blog posts, WZone is not a good option.

Price: You can purchase WZone for $49 via Envato’s CodeCanyon marketplace. That comes with lifetime updates on a single site.

7. Advanced Ads

Unlike the other plugins on this list, Advanced Ads is not specific to Amazon Associates. However, it can still be a really useful WordPress plugin for Amazon affiliates as it’s designed to help you easily insert ads anywhere on your site.

You can insert any ads, including dynamic ads from Amazon (called Native Shopping Ads). These ads work similarly to Google AdSense, where Amazon will automatically display products that are relevant to the content on the page. For example, if you write a post about the “best high-resolution monitors”, Amazon would dynamically insert product listings for high-resolution monitors.

With Advanced Ads, you can easily inject these ads at different spots on your site such as:

  • Above/below/in the middle of your content
  • Above/below your header
  • In your sidebar
  • …lots more

You can also rotate your ads, which would let you see whether it’s more effective to include Amazon’s Native Shopping Ads or something else like AdSense.

Overall, Advanced Ads is not very useful if you want to insert links to individual Amazon products in your content, but it can be a great plugin to have if you want to use Amazon Native Shopping Ads.

You can learn more in my full Advanced Ads review.

Price: The core Advanced Ads plugin is available for free at WordPress.org. There’s also a premium version that starts at €49.

Which Is the Best WordPress Amazon Affiliate Plugin?

Now for the important question – which of these plugins should you use on your site?

Well, that depends on your budget. If you want the overall best plugin and you’re willing to pay, AAWP is a great place to start. Or, AzonPress is also a good option that offers similar features at a slightly more affordable price.

On the other hand, if you need a free solution, you might want to try Amazon Auto Links or EasyAzon.

Do you still have any questions about using Amazon Associates plugins? Leave a comment!

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