10 Best WordPress Cache Plugins ( Comparison)

10 Best WordPress Cache Plugins (2021 Comparison)

Let’s settle this “best cache plugin” thing once and for all.

Your cache plugin depends on which host you use. On a LiteSpeed server, LiteSpeed Cache is the way to go. On SiteGround, use SG Optimizer. In most other instances, I recommend WP Rocket. Otherwise, if you’re not willing to spend money on WP Rocket, W3 Total Cache or WP Fastest Cache. And I would stay away from NitroPack (blackhat), Swift, and Cloudways Breeze.

In Facebook polls, WP Rocket is usually rated #1 cache plugin. LiteSpeed Cache is usually not since LiteSpeed servers are relatively new and not enough people have moved to a LiteSpeed host like NameHero or A2 Hosting. Give it time and LiteSpeed Cache may overtake WP Rocket.

When I Googled “best WordPress cache plugins” I didn’t agree with any of the other lists. Where is LiteSpeed Cache and SG Optimizer? Why didn’t they mention NitroPack is blackhat?

Hopefully this list gives you more clarification.


1. LiteSpeed Cache

I’m putting LiteSpeed Cache as the #1 cache plugin even over WP Rocket. It uses server-level caching (faster than file-based caching by WP Rocket) and has extensive settings which allow for much better control of speed settings, but does mean it’s slightly more complicated to setup.

The catch is that you need to use a LiteSpeed server to use this plugin. That’s not a bad thing considering LiteSpeed outperforms Apache and is generally one of the fastest types of servers. But that also means you might have to move to a LiteSpeed host like NameHero or A2 Hosting.

QUIC.cloud was also developed specifically to work with LiteSpeed. It’s a free, highly performant CDN I recommend over Cloudflare, StackPath, and RocketCDN (also StackPath). QUIC.cloud is easy to setup with LiteSpeed cache once you request a domain key, activate the CDN, and set it up using a CNAME record. Here’s a nice tutorial on setting up QUIC.cloud CDN.


2. WP Rocket

WP Rocket is the runner up behind LiteSpeed Cache.

This is mainly because it uses file-based caching (slower than LiteSpeed Cache’s server-level caching). The settings are “easy” but they don’t give you as much control as LiteSpeed Cache since it doesn’t have as many features. I use WP Rocket on my own site only because I’m not using a LiteSpeed server (I’m using Cloudways Vultr HF). Otherwise, I would be using LiteSpeed.


3. FlyingPress

FlyingPress was developed by Giji Varghese from WP Speed Matters.

Gijo has a strong following in his Facebook Group who uses this plugin as well as Gijo’s other speed plugins which are highly rated on WordPress, so people had somewhat high expectations.

During the first release, there were quite a few bugs which Gijo has been sorting out. However, tons of people reported getting even better results than WP Rocket and even LiteSpeed Cache.

The settings aren’t difficult to configure and everything is pretty



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