10 Best WordPress Cache Plugins to Make Website Speed Fast

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Do you feel helpless regarding your website’s slow loading speed? Does your blog not minimize the bounce rate and increase the sessions on your posts?

When I’d just begun my blogging journey, I had the same problem. In fact, it was sometimes frustrating having the web page loading slowly.

As you may know, the slow loading speed of your blog will impact the search engine rankings and user experience.

Slow loading speed forces visitors to wait to access the content on the page. That frustrates them, and they bounce right off the page. 

  • As per Google, most don’t wait for 3 seconds for a web page to load (source).
  • And on an average, 15.3 seconds is the time web pages take to load on smartphones (source).
  • 70% of people are reluctant to buy from a website that loads slowly (source).
  • Per year, a 1-second delay costs $2.5 million for a website that generates $100,000/day (source).

These numbers clearly depict that we as bloggers must strive to achieve the super-fast loading speed of our blogs.

Besides creating content and promoting it, I always make sure to provide world-class user experience to my readers on my blog.

How do I do that? 

I use the website cache.

I know that you might have heard about the term or probably have implemented it on your WordPress websites. 

Today, I am going to show you why it matters for your WordPress blog. Also, I have listed the top 10 WordPress cache plug-ins that can fuel your blog’s loading speed.

Before we get started, let me explain what cache memory for a website really is.

What is Cache Memory for a Website?

The objective of cache memory is to store a dynamic website’s static version so users can quickly access it.

Cache memory is a part of a server’s RAM, which is lightning-fast.

So the cache memory will transform your dynamic website’s elements to static elements.

Next time a request is made on your website, the cache memory will quickly entertain that request and provide the static version so that users can start interacting with the site.

Cache memory’s objective is to load web pages exceptionally quickly so that users don’t have to wait to access the content.

Now, you might ask, “Why do we need a static version of our website in the first place? Can’t the server only deliver fast loading for our blogs?”

Well, let’s discuss that.

How Cache Boosts the Website Speed

If I ask you, what is 5 + 5? You would immediately respond 10

Here, you don’t have to calculate complex mathematical equations because 5+5 is an easy summation, and you are used to doing such quick calculations.

Our website host also does calculations. Indeed, those are advanced calculations, and it increases the load on the server.

Whenever a user requests to access a landing page, it



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