10 Best WordPress Membership Plugins Compared: Free and Paid

10 Best WordPress Membership Plugins Compared: Free and Paid (2020)

Looking to create your own membership site with WordPress? Membership sites help you achieve the Holy Grail of running a business – automatic recurring revenue. But if you want to turn WordPress into a membership site, you need a WordPress membership plugin.

And when it comes to membership plugins, you’re spoiled for choice, which is why we’ve tried to winnow things down to just the 10 best WordPress membership plugins.

I’ll start by going through each plugin and its key features. Then, at the end of the post, I’ll leave you with some recommendations on how to choose the best WordPress membership plugin for your specific situation.

Let’s dig in…

The Best WordPress Membership Plugins

ProfileGrid is a WordPress membership plugin that’s more focused on creating a social community rather than hardcore content restriction and monetization like some of the other plugins on this list.

With that being said, ProfileGrid does come with features to both restrict access to content and sell memberships, so it’s not just a BuddyPress clone.

The social aspect is definitely one of the most unique features, though. For example:

  • Each user gets their own detailed profile page
  • Users can private message one another
  • You can create public or private user groups
  • Users can create their own private blogs
  • Users can become friends with one another

If you just want to create a social members community, that might be all that you need.

But if you want to monetize your WordPress membership site, ProfileGrid also has some tools to help you there.

First off, you can restrict content to either:

  • All logged-in users
  • Specific user groups

Note, though, that you can only restrict entire pieces of content. You can’t, say, restrict a specific part of a page like you can with some other plugins. In this respect, ProfileGrid isn’t quite as flexible as some of the more restriction-focused WordPress membership plugins.

Then, if you want to monetize your membership site, ProfileGrid includes a built-in Stripe integration that lets you charge users to…

  • Register for your site.
  • Join a specific group on your site.

All in all, if you want a WordPress membership plugin with more of a social/community feel, then I think ProfileGrid is a great option. Just be aware that’s it not quite as flexible when it comes to content restriction and monetization, though it can do both.

If you want to learn more, you can check out our full ProfileGrid review.

ProfileGrid has a limited free version available at WordPress.org, but you’ll need the premium version to sell paid memberships and access other advanced features.

The paid plans start at $79.

Get ProfileGrid

10 Best WordPress Membership Plugins Compared: Free and Paid (2020) 1



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