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How to Import WooCommerce Products in Bulk - WP Mayor

Running a WooCommerce store can be a tedious process. Keeping track of your product lists can be cumbersome. While there are plenty of plugins to help, importing products in bulk still remains an issue for most.

Unless you have an inventory management system available, most shop owners have turned to Google Sheets to document the various products offered in their store.

The WP All Import plugin by Soflyy now makes the process of importing your XML or CSV file to WooCommerce easier than ever before. The plugin sorts out your data for you, making it easy to manage your online shop.

This is the first of a series of articles, in which we will go in-depth into a specific use case for WP All Import and WP All Export. So stay tuned for more information in the coming weeks. 

In this article, I’ll be taking you step by step through the process of importing your WooCommerce products in bulk using the WP All Import plugin.


For the following sections, I will be using the Pro edition of the WP All Import + the WooCommerce add-on. It’s a paid upgrade that includes a number of added features such as “Import Group products” and “Import files from a URL”, as well as premium support. 

The Pro version comes in 3 options:

  • WooCommerce Import Package – $130
  • Import Pro Package – $199
  • Import Standalone – $99

You can get the free version on the WordPress directory.

Create a new import in WP All Import

To create a new import, go to All Import → New Import. Here you can either upload your XML or CSV file, download it from a URL (supports Dropbox and Google Sheets/Google Drive files) or use an existing file.

import products new items

In this example, I’ll be downloading a file from my Dropbox account. My list of products is a collection of new items that I want to import into my online store. WP All Import also allows you to



This article was written by Gabriella Galea and originally published on WP Mayor.

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