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Best WordPress Plugins for Developers

Sailing in unknown waters is never predictable. This is why having proper tools in a toolbag is always an excellent way to avoid and fix situations that can risk prolonging or completely ruining the work. The same goes for developing a new WordPress project.

Since WordPress, as an ecosystem, grew and is still the most prominent CMS out there, many plugins are oriented toward helping developers. However, sometimes it can be rather difficult to recognize what is a good or bad addition to the already mentioned toolbox.

Read on to check out our list of the best WordPress plugins for developers that make a difference and provide value.

What is the most common problem that anybody who manages a WordPress website faces? My bet goes on the acknowledgment that the work was not done correctly and that hours were lost for nothing. This is something that many developers also face.

WP Reset is a plugin that allows you to recover a page based on the settings saved in the snapshot. The main difference between this and other similar plugins lies in the snapshots. Snapshotting is much faster and more reliable than backing up the database.

This also applies to the media files – after activating this plugin, you will be much more comfortable working because you will know that you have your dedicated panic button!

WP Sticky landing pageGoing in the area of visual elements, next on our list is the WP Sticky. This WordPress plugin allows you to keep a specific component visible on the whole page. Most website users nowadays are using their smartphones to navigate pages. This makes less space for the information you want to make always visible.

Luckily enough, with this plugin, you can stick an element on the part of the user’s screen. Sometimes it’s really about simplicity and saving time. There is no need for time-consuming processes like spending hours making and optimizing similar features when somebody already did this for you!

WP Maintenance landing pageIf you just started a big project and know it will take time to finish it, you might want to put some content out there, so the users know something is happening. This is even more important if you adjust to an already known and visited website.

Utilize the maintenance page in the best possible way! Spending additional time on such a page might be counterintuitive since the goal is to finish the main work. Well, activate WP Maintenance, select a nice-looking theme, and adjust it with a drag and drop builder, and you are all set!



This article was written by Admira Keric and originally published on WP Pluginsify.

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