6 Of The Best WordPress Question and Answer Plugins

6 Of The Best WordPress Question and Answer Plugins

Whether you want to create a site that’s similar to Reddit, a quiz-style Q&A where answers are provided, or a submission form that will answer users’ questions – WordPress has you covered with a variety of specialized Q&A plugins.

In this article, we’re looking at six of our favorite WordPress question and answer plugins.

We chose these plugins because they all function uniquely, have helpful features, and of course – positive reviews.

Why Use a WordPress Q&A Plugin?

There are many benefits to using a WordPress Q&A plugin, especially if your theme or design doesn’t include Q&A features.

Here are some of the major advantages of note:

  1. Customized Design that Integrates with Your WordPress Site: All of the plugins featured in this article can be customized to match the design on your site. This means adding a Q&A to your site won’t interfere with your brand and style – rather it will match and compliment it.
  2. Consumer Confidence and More eCommerce Sales: Having answers about your eCommerce products can enhance consumer confidence. Q&A plugins give your visitors the information needed to influence them (in a good way) and make a sale.
  3. Reward Systems and User Profiles: You don’t need to look any further than here at WPMU DEV to see this in action. We have this feature in our “DOTW” (Discussion of the Week) forum where users can earn “Hero Points” for participating in question and answer threads.
  4. Enhanced Q&A Functionality: Considering WordPress currently doesn’t support Q&A beyond the comment section, a plugin can offer a more attractive (and modern) solution to Q&A.

As you can see, Q&A plugins can offer great benefits to your WordPress site, and there’s a full range of free and premium options available.

So the natural question is: Which one will work best for you?

Let’s get into our list then.

6 Of The Best WordPress Q&A Plugin Options

Here are 6 great WordPress plugins for adding Q&A functionality to your site. Hopefully, one of them will be the answer (pun intended) you’ve been looking for.

  • To get started, our very own Forminator is a 5-star rated option that’s perfect when it comes to quizzes or forms for question submissions (for free!).

    You can even use your Q&A quizzes to generate leads. Forminator allows you to integrate a lead-gen form into your quiz and collect participants’ information (e.g. name, email, etc.).

    Forminator also has some handy email routing and pre-population features – making it quick and easy for users to pre-fill Q&A submissions.

    On top of that, you can integrate your Q&A forms with your favorite 3rd party apps, such as HubSpot, MailChimp, Trello, and more.

    Finally, you can easily set up forms which enable



This article was written by Chris Knowles and originally published on WPMU DEV Blog.

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