Best WordPress Resources For First Time WordPress Users

Best WordPress Resources For First Time WordPress Users

The popularity of WordPress knows no bounds. Only a few years ago, we lauded that 1 in 5 websites used the platform. Now it’s almost 45 percent. It’s a staggering number, but engulfed by the sheer number of WordPress resources – themes, plugins, hosts, podcasts, and blogs – there are.

At WPKube, we come across a lot of WordPress-related tools and information. As such, we present a collection of various WordPress resources, split by section. This will be great for those new to the platform, and old hands who need a refresher on what you can find.

WordPress Blogs

Blogs are the foundation of WordPress, so it makes sense to start here. In fact, there are lots of blogs we recommend. Here are just a few:

  • WPKube. WPKube should be your number one WordPress resource, although there might be some bias! It offers news-related content, tutorials, roundups, and much more.
  • WP Tavern. This is as close as you’ll get to ‘offical’ WordPress news. While it’s autonomous, Automattic own the site. Despite that, it keeps its impartiality and breaks a lot of interesting scoops.
  • Torque. WP Engine runs a fantastic blog, that features some of the biggest names in WordPress. It’s essential reading for anyone who uses the platform.
  • WPBeginner. Much like WPKube, WP Beginner is one of the biggest ‘unofficial’ WordPress blogs, that has one of the most prominent figures in WordPress at the helm (Syed Balkhi.)
  • Wordfence. The Wordfence blog is where you’ll go to read about the company’s efforts to eradicate malicious attacks. The research and detail it offers is some of the best content you’ll read.
  • WPMU DEV. The WPMU DEV blog is one of the oldest and most populated blogs around. There is always something interesting to read here.
  • The Yoast blog. If you want to learn more about Search Engine Optimization (SEO,) the Yoast blog is a fantastic WordPress resource to learn more about it.
  • Tom McFarlin. If you’re a WordPress developer, Tom McFarlin’s site is a treasure trove of code, tips, and tricks to up your game.
  • WP Mayor. This is another long-standing and high quality blog of tutorials and reviews. The site also curates a solid newsletter too.
  • WP Explorer. For even more tutorials and reviews, WP Explorer should be on your list. It comes from the same minds as the Total theme, and the site packs in a lot of content.
  • The Delicious Brains blog. Some of the finest WordPress developers also work on some of the best WordPress content around. It has a development focus, and can be invaluable to nab some insider tricks and techniques for your own products.

While blogs are fantastic WordPress resources, they aren’t all you need. There are other ways to get your information too, especially reference material.




This article was written by Devesh Sharma and originally published on WPKube.

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