Six Best WordPress School Management Plugins 2023 –

Six Best WordPress School Management Plugins 2023

The second decade of the 21st century started with a bang. Or, more specifically, with an existential crisis that ground the planet to a halt. And just like every other crisis humanity faced, it taught us a plethora of important lessons, from overreliance on global trade networks to the lackings of historic workers’ rights in a modern online environment.

As people realized the power of working from home, the entire workspace shifted. But another aspect of life was dramatically forced online in that time period. And that was education. For the safety of students and staff, people had to adopt new and innovative techniques to bring their schoolwork online. During the pandemic, everyone needed to adapt to worryingly fast-changing situations quickly.

Businesses adopted remote and hybrid work methods relatively easily. That’s because they could view it as a potential profit by cutting costs for office rent, utilities, and supplies. Not to mention commuting subsidies. But schools can’t adapt like businesses since their goals are the betterment of future generations and not profits.

That means they need a system of redundancies for any potential online classes. That’s why in 2023, everyone needs a WordPress School Management plugin to help them seamlessly transition into online classes.

1. School Management

If you’re looking for a versatile tool that handles all your school’s needs, look no further than the School Management plugin. It can build a fully functioning online school from classes to administrative duties. With this plugin, you can create a school that has all the steps and procedures of a physical one.

You can create fair student admissions and promotions and create administrative staff. And most importantly, you can give unique roles to your teachers to manage your students more easily. With School Management, you can even create accounts for parents so that they can track their children’s progress.

2. WPSchoolPress

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While attendance isn’t a direct way to evaluate educational success, it plays an important role in creating students’ habits. That’s why WPSchoolPress has dynamic attendance management with which you can automatically report attendance to your students’ guardians. This may seem like an unnecessary feature.

After all, students must value their education themselves. But the janky transition to online classes during the pandemic showed how quickly students lose their habits. That can lead to serious consequences such as lower academic success and mental health issues.

WPSchoolPress took extra care not to create any feature that would further strain teachers. That’s why even the most complex features are easy to use and intuitive.

3. LearnPress

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WordPress school management plugins aren’t meant exclusively for schools. Another important lesson these past few years have taught us is that people desire more education. It’s their way to climb the economic ladder without too much investment. While people can’t afford expensive colleges that effectively amount just to bragging rights, they can take up courses in their spare time.

LearnPress is the plugin if you’re trying to create courses online. It’s designed as an all-in-one package plugin so that you can start your online courses as quickly as possible. Being aware that a lot of students don’t have a strong desktop for their studies, LearnPress even adapted its plugin to be compatible with mobile devices. That way, everyone will have access to your courses.

4. Tutor LMS

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If you want your courses to be robust and detailed, look no further than Tutor LMS. Their course-creating platform will allow you to create courses of any level. From simple ABCs to the secrets of the universe, Tutor LMS can support you in any aspect. Due to its extreme customizability through add-ons, every course created with this plugin will be unique and catered to your students.

This plugin is perfect for teachers that are still learning how to handle online classes, as it’s lightweight and simple to use. And to make sure everyone has easy access to your lessons, Tutor LMS supports multiple video sources. That way, if your students have issues, you can host the lesson through YouTube or Vimeo.

5. Sensei LMS

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Oftentimes the biggest worry for developers is compatibility with WordPress and other plugins. If these worries cloud your mind, use Sensei LMS. It was created by the same minds who gave us WordPress and WooCommerce, meaning they directly designed the two tools you’ll most likely use.

With Sensei LMS, you can automatically track student performance and their progress with their homework. This saves you the time you’d spend downloading separate documents and files. Not only can you embed videos from outside sources, but you can also set up a Learning Mode that turns off distractions from your students. And all of this without needing to know any code.

6. LMS Masteriyo

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The biggest tool in a teacher’s arsenal is their perception. Sure, teachers need to be smart and witty and know good didactic techniques. But their success will entirely depend on how they’re perceived. That’s why you should use LMS Masteriyo. It can create beautiful courses for your class with a minimalist approach to keep your students focused.

Since online classes block most of the teacher’s charisma, students’ perception of them will depend on the look of their website. And since it’s all managed from a unified platform, you’ll be able to create new classes and assignments instantly. All while you’re managing your course.


Online learning has revolutionalized the way we perceive education. It showed us that with enough effort, people could grow and learn from the comfort of their homes.

No matter if it’s due to unfortunate circumstances or a pure desire to better themselves. So, check out these WordPress school management plugins if you want to make the world a better place in 2023.

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