Beta Test WordPress on Cloudways for Free (Detailed Guide)

Beta Test WordPress on Cloudways for Free (Detailed Guide)

One of the major contributions you can make to WordPress is to its core. And for this, you don’t have to be a developer with deep technical knowledge of coding or QA testing. No, you can simply test out the beta version and report the bugs you notice.

How to Beta Test WordPress on Cloudways for Free?

By taking advantage of the free trial, of course!

First, set aside some time for the beta test. The Cloudways free trial period only lasts three days, but during this time you’ll have access to everything you need to test. Plus you get a free cloud account without entering any payment information.

Next, sign up for Cloudways and launch the server with the latest WordPress version. If you need more time or plan on using this account past the three-day trial, enter the coupon code “WPBETA” and you will get two free months after the trial ends!

add wordpress on cloudways

After the installation is complete and the server is set, log in to your WordPress dashboard with the provided login credentials.

wordpress admin access

To start beta testing and contributing to WordPress, go to Plugins > Add New and type in search WordPress Beta. Install and activate it.

search wordpress beta plugin

You are almost ready to start testing a newer version of WordPress that only WordPress Beta testers have seen. It’s like the premiere before the premiere! It’s a great way to get ready for changes in new releases and to adopt those changes before they happen.

Select Tools > Beta Testing and set Bleeding Edge, which is the rough, unstable version where your help is the most needed.

wp beta tester settings

You’re all set to start testing the new release.

How to Test a Beta Version of WordPress?

Test this the same way you would test the new project/website you’ve built for yourself or a client.

  • Do cross-browser and cross-device testing.
  • Try using different languages especially if you don’t just speak English.
  • Check if all features work on different screen sizes.
  • Try using tools for people with disabilities like screen readers or just use a keyboard.
  • Perform testing with different types of themes like FSE, block-based or classic themes.

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For more in-depth instructions, there is a fantastic guide on you could follow for specific and crucial tests needed here.

If you realize it doesn’t play well with Cloudways and you see something we might have missed, feel free to leave your comment on this post so we can check and patch. You’ll receive some cool Cloudways swag for your trouble. ?

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Beta Test WordPress on Cloudways for Free (Detailed Guide) 2

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