Building Better Business: How to be Intentionally Invested in Others

intentionally invested in others

Do you want to know the secret to business success?

Building a successful requires resources, focus, and determination, but that’s not the secret.

Building a profitable business requires a plan and steps to reach the plan (because you have to know where you want to go and then you have to go there), but that’s not the secret.

Building a better business requires a marketing plan that will stand the ever-changing landscape of the World Wide Web, but even that’s not the secret. It is ALL about relationships.

The secret to building your success is to be intentionally invested in people. 

  • Create connections
  • Be helpful to those connections

You have to make the choice to be invested in others because everything worth doing and worth being will grow up on a foundation of relationships.

How to be Intentionally Invested

A woman sat in a resting yoga pose breathing. Her husband watched for a few moments from the door. After several minutes, he had to comment (fortunately, he was smart enough to stay in the door away from his wife – he had been married for several years, so he had learned).

“Honey, I thought you told me you were coming in here to work out.”

His wife continued to breathe without answering. Several more minutes passed, and a buzzer sounded. She looked up at her husband and took one more deep breath. 

“I am working out.”

“You’re just breathing.” 

“Yes, but I’m breathing with intention. Every time I breathe in, I tighten my core muscles. As I breathe out, I’m intentional about how long I breathe out and count four more counts than what I breathed in. These intentional moves allow me to tighten my muscles and strengthen my lungs.”

“But you were just breathing.”

“Breathing with intention tightens and strengthens without straining.”

“You definitely aren’t straining if you are just sitting there breathing.”

Unfortunately for the husband, he didn’t see the water bottle behind her back. Next time he would know to stay away and to be sure to duck.

Power from Intentional Action

Despite the ending to the story, the intention transfers to most things you do. When you are intentional, you think through the actions with focus. You are doing something on purpose and not because of muscle memory or without thought.

While we don’t advocate bottle-throwing (or taunting your wife from the doorway), we do advocate for intentional actions. Being intentionally invested in people requires thinking about them – their needs, their struggles, their hopes – and then trying to find a way you can help them in what they need.

Rules for Making Connections

You can’t grow a business alone. Even a solopreneur needs customers or clients for the business to thrive.



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