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Most Dangerous Month For Businesses Online

Cyber attack analysis by Cloudways reveals the year’s last three months (Oct to Dec) as the most vulnerable period for shoppers and online businesses.

The threat of a cyber-attack poses a danger to businesses, employees, and their customers. And a successful security breach can annihilate an organization’s reputation and impose severe financial distress.

Therefore, cyber security is a priority for all online businesses. And if that’s not the case for your business? Our latest data study reveals why a lax approach to securing sensitive data isn’t a risk worth taking.

TechRepublic’s research suggests that 45% of customers would not interact with a business after it has experienced a successful cyber attack. Small businesses are especially mindful, with research suggesting that 60% of SMBs fall victim to cyber-attacks within the first six months of operation.

We’ve reviewed ITGovernance data on security breach frequency to determine the most dangerous months for online businesses and consumers. And we’ve presented this data in a simplified form, with actionable advice to help ensure your business retains customer trust and is prepared to handle the looming threat of cyber attacks.

Which Is the Most Dangerous Month for Cyber Attacks?

Businesses are warned: Our data has revealed the months falling in the holiday season as the most dangerous period for cyber attacks. Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and the holiday sales occur during this season (Oct to Dec), posing a risk to businesses looking to capitalize on the peak sales period.

Most Dangerous Month For Businesses Online

The calendar showcases the most & least dangerous months for online businesses for cybersecurity breaches.

We identified December as the highest cyber security risk to businesses. An average of 83 companies fall victim to a data breach in December every year, leading to an average of 261,135,178 breached records – that’s, people’s confidential data being compromised, stolen, and viewed by cybercriminals.

Also, the months of February and March (shortly after the holidays) have also been revealed as vulnerable to frequent cyber attacks.

In 2022, this period infamously became synonymous with Lapsus$, a digital extortion group that emerged in December to steal source code and other valuable data from Nvidia, Samsung, and Ubisoft. The attacks continued into March when the group claimed to breach



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